14 most influential Nordic furniture designers

- Jan 26, 2021-

1.Kaare Klint

Kaare klint was born in Denmark in 1888 and is often called the father of Danish Modern Design. He focuses on issues such as creating smooth parts that also work and provide the right storage space. In 1924, he became a professor and chairman of the furniture department of the school of architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of fine arts. He directed many influential Nordic style designers.


2. Greta Magnusson-Grossman

Greta Magnusson Grossman was a real Renaissance woman who had an impact on architecture, interior design and industrial design. Her talent brought her from Sweden to Los Angeles and opened a shop on Rodeo Avenue. Over the years, she has won many awards for her works and published Monographs in journals such as art and architecture. Her grasshopper floor lamp shows her clean and simple design method.


3.Brge Mogensen

Brge Mogensen first focuses on the practicability and replicability of its design. Born in Aalborg in 1914, he is famous not only in the field of furniture design but also in the field of architecture. Cabinet manufacturers and furniture designers won the Danish furniture award in 1971, along with Andreas grassen, CEO of Fredericia furniture. His design is still very influential today. In March 2019, the manufacturer Carl Hansen & Sn restored contour seats, adding cushioned seats to the original design._6

4.Poul Henningsen

Paul Henningsen, also known as the modern star of the middle ages, designed products such as the now ironic artichoke lamp in 1958. Born in Denmark in 1894, he pursued interests ranging from architecture to journalism to screenwriting. He started his position at Louis Poulsen & Co. in 1924 and led to some of the most acclaimed lighting designs. From the Danish Design Museum to the Museum of modern art, his design can be seen everywhere.


5.Arne Jacobsen

Born in Copenhagen in 1902, Arne Jacobsen created everything from architecture to wallpaper to furniture. He opened an architectural office in 1929 and continued to work on landmark projects after fleeing Sweden due to World War II. Among them are furniture such as egg chairs. The Royal SAS Hotel in Copenhagen (1956-60) remains one of his most watched projects. He designed everything from lighting to space utensils.


6.Niels Otto Mller

Niels Otto Mller embodies our love of simplicity, cleanliness and modern aesthetics in Nordic style design. His classic works do not use decoration, but focus on handicraft. Mller was born in 1920 in Rhus and trained as a cabinet manufacturer. In 1944, he decided to create his own furniture production company jlmllers mbelfabrik. His work was highly praised; he won the dansk MBEL industri furniture award in 1981.

7.Verner Panton

Born in Denmark in 1926, Verner Panton broke through the boundaries of furniture design with his organic and whimsical shape. Panton worked under the management of Arne Jacobsen and then set up his own design studio in 1955. His 1960 Panton chair was the first of its kind made of just one piece of plastic. His works are sculptural and require designers and consumers to reconsider the furniture of that time.


8. Grete Jalk

Grete Jalk was born in Copenhagen in 1920 and trained in the Copenhagen School of women's design from 1940 to 42. She then worked as a teacher with kaare klint, honed her skills and opened her own studio in 1953. Her multi-functional works are created in a narrow space. She also expanded her influence by editing projects such as design magazine Mobilia. Her GJ chair is highly praised for its innovation and is collected by the Museum of modern art.


9.Nanna Ditzel

Born in Copenhagen in 1923, Nanna Ditzel honed her skills at the Copenhagen School of Arts and crafts. She set up a design studio with her husband, Jrgen Ditzel. After his death, she continued to be a member of various important design committees and later opened her own design studio in Copenhagen. Her award-winning design combines simplicity with practicality.


10. Finn Juhl

Born in Denmark in 1912, Finn Juhl became one of the most acclaimed Danish designers in the world. He was interested in organic forms, and many of his works made nannies look floating. At first, Juhl wanted to study art history, and he designed designs influenced by sculptors such as Alexander Calder. Juhl works on a number of projects in the United States, from New York, where he designs the conference room of the board of Trustees of the United Nations, to all parts of the District of Columbia


11.Hans Wegner

Hans Wegner wants to make exquisite and affordable furniture. Wegner was born in Denmark in 1914 and created nearly 500 chairs. At the age of 14, he began his first apprenticeship as a cabinet manufacturer. Throughout his career, he has focused on simplicity in design. His 1949 iconic round chair was used in the 1960 presidential debate between Richard Nixon and John Kennedy.


12.Jens Risom

Jens risom is "the first real Knoll designer," as the company's website calls him. Jens risom collaborated with Hans Knoll to create the first Knoll catalogue, which includes 15 works designed by risom (the first similar work commissioned by Knoll). Born in Copenhagen in 1916, he studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Denmark in 1930s. His teacher is kaare klint and his classmate is Hans Wegner. His works are influenced by American Arts and crafts, reflecting the fashion style of Nordic style, which also affects many future designers.


13.Ole Wanscher

Ole Wanscher wrote many highly respected works and contributed to the development of Nordic crafts as a writer and professor in his time. He also helped set up the Copenhagen cabinet Association Exhibition. Born in Denmark in 1903, Wanscher's students at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (later inherited) learned a lot from kaare klint. He often uses mahogany and red sandalwood and other materials, most of which are related to the traditional style.


14. PoulKjrholm

Born in Denmark in 1929, poulkjrholm is known for his integration with industrial design, most notably his use of steel frames. He was a trained carpenter, putting materials first. Works like his 1956 triennial chair are now in the Museum of modern art collection. R & Company Gallery showed some of his rare original works in an exhibition in 2007.


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