2021 home fashion trend, do you follow closely?

- Feb 23, 2021-

In 2020, the society is undergoing radical changes in economy, environment and identity. The unstoppable 2020 has disrupted our existing reference system, and people begin to question the past, think about the present and look forward to the future.



When disharmony and uncertainty gradually become normal, the pursuit of trust is transformed into the pursuit of new identity balance.

Around the theme of "boundaries", 2021 home furnishing trends are mainly studied and predicted from the following three directions.

Warm from the heart

When the reality makes you feel a mess, pain and depression, it's time to talk in a different way: re depict life with gentle, caring, comfortable and colorful filters; put kindness back on the list of important things;

Nostalgic objects with strong personal feelings and home-made creative works can soothe people like colorful bandages and creamy texture, and help us reshape our inner order.

This will lead to more pleasant things, soothing natural elements and slow technology, which strike a delicate balance and enable us to better communicate with our peers.

Soft light color and Natural Beige are moderately soft, which inspire the cocoon style lifestyle. Brown and green accentuate the warmth and comfort, with a touch of gold plating.

Golden sun - environment friendly pure cotton sanding - warm (grey)

Blending of the old and the new

In such an era of globalization and standardization, it is very important to establish connections between people, as well as between times and cultures. At the same time, we should ensure that everyone has the time and space to fully express their love.

Consumers demand authentic, universal, transparent and sincere localized manufacturing. It's a dual movement. We are looking forward to a field full of possibilities equipped with the latest technology at the same time. Look back and rebuild the future.

The main color exaggerates the color of ice and fire, and represents the earth's natural color to show this duality, which makes people think of wood, fire, soil, deep sky and dense rock.

Metallic silver adds to the fineness of minerals, which reminds people of the cold shimmer of stones.

Golden sun - mellow and pure Velvet - mountain shadow like wind

Cool impact

Reconnecting doesn't just mean getting rid of friction. On the contrary, some people choose to build more conflicts. When they connect with others, they become curious, which stimulates their imagination, jumps out of the bounds, and reexamines our prejudices and the way we always do things.

Use exaggeration to define the standard of elegance. The lines are clear, the number is amazing, and the radical design merges and disrupts various trends, designers and the sense of the times.

The magnificent and luxurious main colors are inspired by the colors of haute couture. Royal gold, noble blue, brilliant red and dazzling pink are combined with low-key and introverted dark green and light pink classical colors.

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