All aspects of Nordic home furnishings

- Feb 05, 2021-


Nordic style home furnishings represented by Denmark and Sweden have been in the forefront and edge of the world home furnishing trend. Say it's cutting-edge, because its style is constantly innovative; say it's marginal, because its minimalism is scorned by luxury styles such as Italy. The simplicity and environmental protection of Nordic home furnishings are favored by the middle class and large family furnishings, because it represents a very simplified life attitude, which is the most desired of urban people. In Nordic furniture, you can't see the luxurious design sense of Italy and France, but you can't find the gaudy shadow. "Practical art" in the wood veneer as the main material, white and black as the main tone of Nordic furniture highlights incisively and vividly. The representative brands of Nordic style furniture include inovishen, Nordic style, fleissa, etc.

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The most humane furniture style

Nordic furniture is generally regarded as modern furniture with human taste. Some furniture critics summed up as: "Nordic furniture shows restraint in form and decoration, respect for traditional values, preference for natural materials, unity of form and function, and respect for handmade quality."


The owners and friends of large apartments are naturally many, and it is common to arrange family gatherings. A few pieces of flexible furniture are indispensable for chatting or sharing delicious food in the shared space: a selection of multi-functional combination cabinets, a large amount of storage space and stretchable tables are combined to form a space integrating living room, dining room and kitchen, which is very suitable for people's busy life.

Huang Xiang, chief designer of Guangzhou family star designer building, introduced that the multi-functional combination cabinet is a pragmatic expression advocated by Nordic furniture. The multi-functional combination cabinet can not only choose different combination methods according to the actual pattern at home, but also bring more personality choices. At the same time, the combination cabinet that adapts measures to local conditions can also provide a lot of storage space. You can choose different styles of cabinets according to the different items, which can undoubtedly achieve the effect of making the best use of things.


Shelves with casters and stretchable tables bring more variability to the space. The furniture is equipped with the convenient mobile function brought by the casters, which can easily change the pattern of the shared space and provide more convenience for life; and the stretchable table can not only save space, but also be used when needed.

Climate condenses super simple temperament

According to Wu Zongmin, a well-known designer in Guangzhou, simplicity is the concept advocated by Nordic home furnishings. Smooth lines and minimalist modeling are all committed to simplifying the complicated real life in home furnishing design to the end. Black and white combination is forever classic, will not withdraw from the mainstream of home decoration. Add vivid and bright colors, sculpture style lighting and a large number of specular highlights to create an extraordinary and elegant style.

The decoration of a large room is a very challenging work. A large number of curved wall decoration, repeated smooth lines and selected ornaments can create a rich sense of hierarchy not only in space but also in details, making the room large but not empty. In addition, you can also put the simple, organized and comfortable sofa or leisure chair in the room to effectively use the large space.


Hand made oak walnut

Nordic people love natural materials, preferring wood, leather, rattan, cotton fabrics and other natural materials, and give these natural materials new life. Nordic designers are used to design according to the original tradition, and then modernize. They carry out the design concept of "let the lines have a smile". They change the natural materials to give people a single and rigid impression. Starting from the details, Nordic furniture inherits the natural flavor and fully shows the way of human nature, bringing people a kind of feeling of returning to nature, and forming Nordic furniture is better than "natural furniture" The natural style of "carving". The natural flavor of Nordic furniture is also reflected in the handmade furniture. Nordic furniture uses mechanical processing in modern furniture, but also retains part of the handicraft processing link. Handicraft makes Nordic furniture full of strong human feelings. Different from cold machine-made furniture, hand-made furniture carries more spirituality and uniqueness, full of warmth and makes people eager to be close. In modern furniture, while mechanical processing is used, some furniture is also partly processed by handicrafts, which is one of the reasons why Nordic furniture processing is exquisite and difficult to imitate. Handicrafts embody human feelings in modern furniture.


Black and white color to expand the sense of space

Nordic Swedish style of home, light color, clean refreshing feeling, let the home space to cool down completely. The key to the layout of the living room space lies in the selection of furniture, the collocation of color and cloth, the skills of coordination and symmetry, so that the layout of every detail presents a comfortable atmosphere.

If you want to create a Nordic style home space, the tone is mainly light color: white, beige, light wood, etc., and the material is natural elements, such as wood, rattan, soft and plain gauze and linen products. The materials and colors used are compatible, and the proportion is appropriate. If you want to make some decorative changes, you also need to master the key points. The use of Nordic style is indispensable to natural environment Elements, and then add a little other materials, such as metal, and then consider whether the color match is coordinated.


Representative of style

Danish furniture

Wooden furniture is the most classic design in Denmark. The essence of Danish design is people-oriented. Such as designing a chair and a sofa, Danish design not only pursues its modeling beauty, but also pays more attention to starting from the human body structure, paying attention to how its curve perfectly matches with the human body, constantly correcting the lines and angles, so as to make it harmonious with the human body and feel comfortable. This design idea is humanism, which breaks through the rigid idea of technology and technology, and integrates into the subject consciousness of human beings, thus becoming full of rationality. Clint, known as the father of Danish furniture design, is like a painter. In order to study the practical function of the chair, he will draw a variety of body sketches before the design, keep improving in proportion and size, and use skills to give full play to the characteristics of materials, so as to create beautiful crafts.

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Swedish furniture

Elegance and modesty are the characteristics of Swedish style. At the beginning of this century, Swedes put forward a loud slogan: "make daily necessities more beautiful!" IKEA is carrying out this slogan and essence. Different from Danish furniture, Swedish style does not attach great importance to individuality, but pays more attention to the research and development of popular furniture with high craftsmanship and marketability. Swedish furniture is occasionally influenced by Danish style, using teak, red sandalwood and other valuable materials to make high-grade furniture, but traditionally, Swedes prefer to use pine and birch as materials to make white wood furniture. The design style pursues the stacked structure which is easy to stack, the lines are clear, the circulation is simplified, so as to make modern and popular. Based on this, the modern style of Swedish furniture is determined.


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