Among the Nordic designs sought after by countless people, you must know five seats

- Mar 26, 2021-

Chairs, in particular, have evolved into the visual focus of Nordic design for a long time.Therefore, any Nordic designer, with all his life's energy, wants to leave a chair design that can go down in history. The next five seats are undoubtedly the best among them.



The chair is the most famous representative work of northern European furniture design master Hans Wegner. In English, "the chair" means "chair". Without a specific name, it can let designers all over the world know who it means, which shows its unique position in the circle.


After the chair, master Hans Wegner gave emotional warmth to the chair, which is the next "smiling chair".


Smile chair

This is also known as the "shell chair" expression we are very familiar with, looking at the front is a smiling mouth. Abandoning the armrest and extending the chair surface provide a wider space for all kinds of comfortable sitting positions. The slight warping of the two ends of the smiling face is not purely the expression meaning. It embraces you and provides an independent and clear personal space.


The classic road of the smile chair was not achieved overnight, because it needed to use the highly difficult steam heating method to press out the beautiful curve. However, due to the limitations and cost of the hot bending plywood process at that time, it was not popular after it came out in the 1960s, and it was once discontinued. It wasn't until more than 30 years later that shell chair reappeared in front of the world with technological progress and cost reduction, and won a large number of awards and customers' favor, which also shows the forward-looking design thinking of the designers at that time.


Egg chair

The chair was designed by Arne Jacobsen, a Nordic designer, for the lobby reception area of the Royal Copenhagen Hotel. The hotel is the first skyscraper in Copenhagen and one of the best known examples of Danish modernist architecture. Arne Jacobsen has completed all the design of the whole hotel from the inside to the outside. The egg chair was originally just a part of the lobby, but it accidentally became a sample of the classic seats in northern Europe.



The greatest significance of the existence of Panton chair is to witness the popularization and application of modern industrial materials. It is the first plastic chair molded at one time in the world. Before it came out, most chairs were made of wood. When Verner Panton, an industrial designer, first saw a bucket made of plastic, he had a dream of using this material to build a one-piece chair. In the 1950s, he drew a lot of sketches and cast a model out of plaster. However, the manufacturers at that time were not optimistic about this design. Compared with the traditional wooden chair, it was too unique. It wasn't until 11 years later that furniture manufacturers realized this wish. Subsequently, its material and manufacturing technology also experienced several changes, and finally became a classic.


Volvo ergonomic seat

Many people know that 60 years ago, Nils Bolin, the director of Volvo safety research center, invented the three-point seat belt, but few people noticed that another big thing he did was to send a cooperation invitation to Prof. ALF nachemson, known as the "founder of spinal care": to build a car seat that can protect the spine and make it more comfortable.


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