Analysis of Nordic style furniture design concept

- Jan 28, 2021-

Before the 20th century, modern industry had not yet been established in northern Europe. Under the background of the traditional handicraft industry, it took practicality as the first principle and inherited the pure Nordic family home style in materials, technology, modeling and other aspects. It presents a very close to the natural beauty of the original ecology, there is no redundant decoration, all materials are exposed to the original texture and color.

It changes the image of pure Nordic style which is too rational and rigid, integrates modern cultural ideas, and adds the use of new materials, which is more in line with the needs of the international society. Therefore, it is more and more welcomed by the international community. We see most of the Nordic style home is the embodiment of the New Nordic style.


1. European Garden

The emphasis is on the expression of nature, but different rural areas have different natures, which leads to a variety of furniture styles, including Chinese style, European style, and even South Asian pastoral style, each with its own characteristics and beauty. It is mainly divided into English style and French style. The former is characterized by gorgeous cloth art and pure manual production. Broken flowers, stripes, Scotland style, each kind of cloth art is full of local flavor. The furniture materials are mostly pine and toon wood, and the production and carving are all purely manual, which is very particular. The latter is characterized by white washing and bold color matching.


2. European classical style

European style mainly refers to Western classical style. This style emphasizes gorgeous decoration, strong colors and exquisite modeling to achieve elegant decoration effect. A lot of people like it! With the change of 1500 years, Scandinavian countries have formed aesthetic standards with similar styles in the continuous exchange and integration. Originated from the concept of simple and practical traditional design in Scandinavian countries, functionalism is the first element to find a new balance between function and form. The design is simple, generous, practical, aiming at the general public, highlighting the function, without too much cumbersome decoration, and finally forms a unique design style. It represents a kind of fashion of returning to nature, and also reflects a rational orientation of modern urban people in the post consumption era. At the same time, influenced by the culture and history of each country, each country has its own unique design characteristics.


3. Nordic modern style

Nordic modern style refers to the addition of large area of daylighting glass and modern steel structure on the basis of the original pointed roof, inclined roof and stone wood structure. Its structure is simple and practical, the architectural structure reflects the interior decoration style, without too much modeling decoration. The original stone surface and wood grain are exposed in the room, but its theme is inclined to modern steel wood structure, and the indoor effect forms a combination of modern and classical effect. In ancient times, the Nordic style was mainly Gothic. In modern times, generally speaking, there are two types of Nordic styles, one is modern style full of modern modeling lines, the other is natural style advocating nature and rustic countryside.Generally speaking, modern Nordic style can be divided into three schools, because of different regional cultures, so there are differences. They are: Swedish design, Danish design and Finnish modern design. The three schools are collectively referred to as Nordic style design.


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