Another expression of plastic furniture

- Mar 24, 2021-

This is a research project called zero waste laboratory by the research and design studio the new raw, which aims to raise people's attention to the impact of disposable plastic consumption on human beings, and prove that plastic waste can become a pleasant home for families or urban public space. 


The zero waste laboratory is equipped with a robot 3D printing arm and plastic recycling facilities, which can convert the collected plastic domestic waste into plastic sheets, and then make them into usable furniture through 3D printers. The geometric structure of 3D printing furniture is based on ergonomic curvature, which can better adapt to people's relaxation posture. The printed works include ergonomic stool, bicycle frame, fitness facilities, plant flowerpot, pet feeding bowl or bookcase, etc. 

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On the one hand, it makes waste plastics come back to life, on the other hand, it makes the concept of environmental protection more popular.


if you are interesed in nordic plastic chairs and tables ,pls be free to contact me :


we aslo have our own molding manfuctue (,so it is ok for us to develop some new styles together.