Basic tips for customizing office furniture configuration

- Dec 26, 2019-

1. Determine the size of the furniture according to the placement

Pay attention to reserve space for activities, and the reasonable proportion of furniture and space is the key to the coordination of the entire space. Therefore, before purchasing furniture, you must first confirm the size of the furniture according to the placement position in the space, otherwise the furniture that looks good, if the size is not suitable, will greatly affect the placement effect.

2. Grasp the rhythm and balance of space

Each piece of furniture has its own different weight and height, so no matter how you place it, you must pay attention to the size of the furniture and the unevenness. If the furniture placed together is too disparate in size, height, and space volume, it will definitely produce top-heavy or left-right visual effects.

3. Highlight the placement of center furniture

To avoid too much focus in the space, you should first determine the focus furniture according to the indoor functional area, and use this as the center to create a space atmosphere. But don't create too much focus, so as not to steal the style of the theme furniture, make the space completely lose the center of gravity, blurred vision and clutter.

4. Coordination of furniture modeling and decoration

According to the decoration style to determine the style of furniture, usually the best rule to buy furniture. Because the soft installation is after the hard installation, the style of the furniture must conform to the space style, and the modeling characteristics should also be consistent.

5, pay attention to the use of furniture

Facts have proved that the more modern things are more likely to be outdated, and the furniture is the same. Because the cultural appeal of traditional furniture will be enduring and valuable, we recommend not to blindly pursue trendy styles and ignore the practicality of furniture Sex and cultural connotation.