Classification and characteristics of office furniture

- Dec 25, 2019-

First of all, the selection of office furniture should start from the specifications of the furniture. The use of office furniture has a large impact on the visual effect and use of the space. You can find a customized one. If it is not a customized one, you must accurately measure the size of the indoor place before buying, and then choose the appropriate office furniture. Confirm the required quantity, variety, material, etc.

Next, we should also consider whether the furniture's shape, color, function, texture and other factors can be coordinated with the design of the office, such as floor materials, home furnishings, and lighting. It is important to coordinate the color of office furniture with the background of the office.

 For example, if the office has a strong background tone, it is generally inappropriate to choose furniture with dark tones, because furniture with dark tones will look dignified in a space with a strong background tone, and will absorb light to form a heavy and dim interior atmosphere. Office furniture should pay attention to the color of the furniture. If it is too strong, it will be very impatient and easy to produce tired visual effects. Therefore, in general, it is more suitable to choose the color of harmony. Of course, this choice is not suitable for everyone, and some people prefer to pursue strong contrast and visual effects.