Compared with other furniture, plastic furniture has the following advantages

- Dec 29, 2019-

1. Smooth colors and smooth lines

Plastic furniture is bright and colorful, in addition to the common white, red orange yellow green blue blue purple ... all kinds of colors, but also transparent furniture, its vivid visual effects bring people visual comfort Feel. At the same time, since the plastic furniture is formed by the mold, it has the remarkable characteristics of smooth lines. Every round corner, every arc, every grid and interface is naturally smooth and without manual traces.

2. The style is diverse and casual

Plastics have the characteristics of easy processing, so the shape of such furniture is more random. The casual shape expresses the designer's highly personalized design ideas, and reflects a random beauty through the style that is difficult to achieve with ordinary furniture.

3. Light and compact to take convenient

Compared with ordinary furniture, plastic furniture gives people a feeling of lightness. You don't need to spend a lot of effort, you can easily carry it, and even if it is plastic furniture with metal bracket inside, the bracket is generally hollow. Or the diameter is small. In addition, many plastic furniture have the function of folding, so it saves space and is convenient to use.

4. A wide variety of applications

Plastic furniture is suitable for both public and general households. In public places, you see the most variety of chairs, but the variety for the family is countless: dining tables, dining chairs, lockers, hangers, shoe racks, flower stands.

5. Easy to clean and easy to protect

The plastic furniture is dirty and can be washed directly with water, which is simple and convenient. In addition, plastic furniture is also relatively easy to protect, and the requirements for indoor temperature and humidity are relatively low, and are widely applicable to various environments.