Customization principles for office furniture

- Dec 26, 2019-

1.Area determines style size

The size of the room determines the size of the furniture. Specially designed products, whether in color or style, are novel and meet individual needs. Both aesthetics and practicality coexist.

2. Pay attention to uniform style

Home furnishings pay attention to the overall style and coordination. The quality of the decoration design in the home depends on the hard furnishing, and the home furnishing is the key to softening the space, sublimating the temperament and finally showing the beauty. The furniture style must be consistent with the overall style of the decoration to avoid incompatibility.

3. Furniture rationality

For home use, practical first, beautiful second. The materials, colors, and styles of custom furniture should conform to the overall design. We can't blindly pursue individuality. We need to think more about collocation, practicality, beauty, and focus on rationality.

4, can not save accessories

Good plates can only last long with good accessories. The number of opening and closing linkages of accessories such as pumping rails, hinges, door slides, etc. directly affect the service life of the furniture.