Design to unlock the happiness code of Denmark

- Feb 27, 2021-

8Denmark is born with "happy city". But today we will start with a chair of Carl Hansen & Sn,and step by step to find the unique style of Nordic furniture.


In Denmark, where the days are short and the nights are long for six months every year and there is a serious lack of light and temperature, why does the happiness index of people living there always rank the first in the world?

If you ask the Danish people why they are happy, they may not be able to answer it themselves - happiness seems to start from birth.

It sounds like "learning everything", but it is undeniable that this "hygge" lifestyle is actually the daily life of Danes.

"Hygge" has become the word representing "happiness", but it is difficult to be translated into Chinese accurately. A candle, a pair of wool socks, a fireplace, a cup of hot coffee, a loose sweater, cushions and blankets on the windowsill, the smell of stewed beef in the pot, the creaking wood floor, the soft light from the low light, a Book spread out on the chair It's all "hygge.".

Born in Denmark, Carl Hansen & Sn, a furniture manufacturer, has his own "hygge" temperament. By creating a chair and a side table, he can make the intangible sense of happiness concrete and real.

1. A century old furniture brand, creating a masterpiece handed down from generation to generation.

With the rapid development of science and technology and living standards, people have more and more choices. Carl Hansen & Sn, a furniture manufacturer founded in 1908, has a long history of 112 years, but its products are always full of charm.

Those exquisite tables and chairs are full of awe and gratitude for nature. They use wood, rattan, natural paper rope and other natural materials as the main materials of products, and a large number of them are processed by hand. The products with temperature and patience are probably the reason why Carl Hansen & Sn brand has survived for a hundred years.

Wang Hai, a well-known artist and designer, claims to be a Chengdu native who has the most works of "chair master" Hans J. Wegner: "when I sit on a high imitation Y-shaped chair and its poor workmanship and rough texture are conveyed through my body, I will feel extremely happy ——after experiencing the beauty of Wegner's ergonomic design, the difference will be very obvious."

As one of the most influential furniture designers in Denmark, Hans J. Wegner's works have been permanently collected by many museums, and he is respected as "the chair maker among the chair makers".

As early as the late 1940s, Carl Hansen & Sn established a cooperation with Wegner, and is the largest producer and distributor of Wegner's works in the world.

Wegner, who has designed more than 500 chairs in his life, is a well deserved "chair master". One third of the chairs are related to the theme of "Chinese chair". Chinese Ming style furniture has deeply attracted him in terms of function and design, and he has also successfully made a circle with a "The Chair" which is very simple.

"The Chair" is recognized as Wegner's best work. Wegner believes that creation is a process of continuous simplification. The chair, which only retains four chair legs, one sitting board, chair back and armrest, is like a sculpture full of artistic beauty. With its elegant lines, perfect Z-shaped mortise technology and comfortable sitting feeling, few works can match it.

Among them, the wishbone chair (Y-shaped chair) also belongs to the chair series, which was designed in 1949. It has been produced by Carl Hansen & son since 1950.

The Chair, known as the "presidential chair.". In 1960, in the wonderful presidential debate between Kennedy and Nixon, there were two winners: Kennedy and the chair.

At that time, there was a shortage of materials and wood, so Wegner used natural paper fiber as the material of the chair, which unexpectedly made the chair extremely comfortable and became a classic. As time goes on, the seats, like shoes, will become more comfortable and fit with the users, and the service life can be as long as 50 years or more, which is absolutely qualified to become the "heirloom" in the family.

Today, although most of Carl Hansen & Sn's crafts use modern technology, many of Wegner's works are still made in the ancient way when they were first put into production. The seemingly simple "Y-shaped chair" actually needs more than 100 processes to complete, including wood cutting, polishing, and craftsmen hand weaving chair seats.

Of course, in addition to the world-famous "the chair", Wegner also has some representative works, such as peacock chair, shell chair, wing chair and so on. Every single piece has a legend.

Besides Hans J. Wegner, Carl Hansen & Sn also cooperates with many outstanding designers, such as Arne Jacobsen, the father of Nordic modernism, kaare klint, the father of Danish Modern Furniture, Tadao Ando, the poet of Shimizu, etc.

Adhering to the classic, maintaining continuous creativity, and carrying out the functionalist design to the end are Carl Hansen & Sn's "fresh keeping secrets".

2. We don't want to be a brand of "sudden popularity". CH& S is "conservative" and "innovative".

Van der Rohe, a brand collection store focusing on classic design furniture, had a dialogue with Carl Hansen & Sn on "how to get happiness in design life" in fields ten domain store in Chengdu Ocean Pacific. We found that comfort, nature, and a sense of peace of mind are the easiest ways to feel happy.

Just like Carl Hansen & Sn has been adhering to the concept of "continuation of classics", adhering to the combination of traditional technology and modern manufacturing process, striving to preserve the precious DNA of products, at the same time, more environmentally friendly materials will be used for product processing.

In an exclusive interview with Eric, marketing director of Carl Hansen & Sn in China, we learned that displaying the complex weaving process of Carl Hansen & Sn's products is the embodiment of brand culture


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