elements, materials, lines and features of Nordic style furniture

- Feb 01, 2021-


Nordic style furniture is famous for its simple geometric line features. It usually retains natural wood grain. If painted, it is usually painted white or light yellow, and rarely paved with cushions.

Nordic style furniture is mostly made by famous furniture designers, which can be divided into original pure Nordic furniture, reformed new Nordic furniture and contemporary modern Nordic furniture. The design is divided into Swedish design, Norwegian design, Finnish design, Danish design and so on. Each design style has its own personality. Danish furniture is good at classic design, in addition to shaping the observability of furniture, but also pay attention to the practicality of the structure, fully taking into account the coordination between the structure of the human body and the structure of furniture; Finnish furniture focuses on the design of natural spirituality, organically integrating its flexibility and furniture, emitting a natural artistic temperament; Swedish furniture pursues modern design, using pine and birch wood Norwegian furniture inherits the original design concept of northern Europe and emphasizes the maturity, stability, simplicity and originality of furniture.

Materials close to nature

The use of logs is the soul of Nordic style furniture. Nordic people are used to local materials, and often choose birch, maple, oak, pine and other wood. The natural texture, color and texture of logs are completely integrated into the furniture, and they won't choose too deep colors. They mainly use light, dry colors to retain the natural and warm romantic flavor of Nordic style to the greatest extent.


Smooth and bright lines

Nordic style furniture advocates the beauty of simplicity, so in terms of technology, it also tries to make the lines of furniture smooth and bright. In Nordic style furniture, it is rare to find complex lines, mainly straight lines and the necessary arc, too complex curve is almost invisible. Table, chair, sofa, coffee table and other shapes are not fancy, but they are quite practical and durable.


The combination of artistry and practicality

Nordic style furniture combines artistry and practicality, forming a kind of artistic beauty which is comfortable, practical and full of humanity. Nordic furniture is mainly low in size. In terms of design, most of them don't use carving and artificial decoration, but they have various forms, simple, functional and close to nature. It not only integrates all kinds of practical functions into simple modeling, considers and designs from the perspective of ergonomics, emphasizes that the curve of furniture and human body is exactly consistent, which makes it more comfortable to use, but also shows the unique elegant, simple and pure original charm and aesthetic feeling of northern Europe in appearance.

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Nordic style classic single chair

Egg chair

Famous Danish designer Na Jacobson designed egg chair for the lobby and reception area of Copenhagen Royal Hotel in 1958. The oval chair has since become a sample of Danish furniture design. The egg chair is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, the outer layer is made of wool flannel or Italian leather, the size of the cushion and back is in line with the human body structure, and there is a shaped sponge inside to increase elasticity, which is resistant to sitting and deformation.


Peacock chair

Peacock chair is the representative work of famous Danish designer Hans Wiener. The back of the chair is made of many wooden poles, which looks like a peacock, so it gets its name. This kind of chair is very common in Southeast Asia. It is usually made of bamboo and rattan.


Ball chair

The ball chair was designed by the famous designer alo arnio in 1963. The structure of the ball chair is simple, with hemispheres on the top and rotating supporting feet on the bottom, which can rotate 360 degrees. The ball chair looks like a space capsule. It not only has a unique appearance, but also creates a comfortable and quiet atmosphere. Users will feel very relaxed when sitting in it.


Y-shaped chair

The name of the Y-shaped chair comes from the Y-shaped design of its back, which was designed by chair designer Hans J. Wegner in 1950. Its inspiration comes from Chinese Ming style furniture, light and beautiful shape to simplify, combined with the abstract beauty of image and man-machine function.

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Pandon chair

Panton chair, also known as beauty chair, is the first S-shaped single cantilever chair molded with plastic in the world. The appearance of Panton chair is fashionable and generous, with a smooth and atmospheric curve beauty, and its comfort and elegance are in line with the human body structure. At the same time, the color of Panton chair is also very gorgeous, with a strong sense of sculpture.


Eames chair

The Eames chair is a classic dining chair designed by the American designer Mr. and Mrs. Eames in 1956, inspired by the Eiffel Tower in France. They use curved steel bars and shaped plastic to make this classic dining chair. The beautiful shape and use function of the Eames chair are very popular and popular today.

Shell chair

The shell chair is one of the classic masterpieces of Danish master Hans J. Wegner. The design of the chair seat and the back is similar to a folded shell, with beautiful radian, which can gently wrap the body and relieve fatigue. Concise artistic language pursues richness in simplicity and elegance in purity.


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