Four household trends you must master in 2020

- Jan 18, 2021-

It's always fun to discover new trends, even though everyone's pursuit of timeless personalized design. The fact is, every year will bring some new style of home, these furniture will inevitably enter the pages of various magazines. With the end of 2019, white-collar home has summed up and mastered some of the pulse of the design world to identify six home trends that will impress people next year.


1、 Hand environmental protection, simplicity is not necessarily cheap, but also may be higher quality! For example, rattan iron furniture, because of its special material, can often give people a different feeling; rattan furniture has mild texture, beautiful cast iron lines, and cold temperament; the combination of the two forms a home unit, and the lines outlined will make the whole space flowing light and clear.


2、 Light luxury and light luxury life is a kind of life concept advocating "light luxury and new fashion". Light luxury is just a way of life that more respects the quality of life. It has nothing to do with wealth and status. It represents the pursuit of high-quality details of life.


3、 Intelligent furniture, on the basis of modern fashion furniture, skillfully integrates combined intelligence, electronic intelligence, mechanical intelligence and Internet of things intelligence into furniture products, making furniture intelligent, international and fashionable, and making home life more convenient and comfortable. It is an important part of the new lifestyle and the development trend of international furniture in the future.

Nordic plastic chair

4、 All aluminum furniture cabinet is made of aluminum alloy profiles, the surface is treated by spraying, wood grain, coating and other processes, and then it is spliced by aluminum alloy self-designed card slot and other plastic hardware accessories.

Advantages: 1. Green environmental protection, zero formaldehyde, 2. Waterproof, fireproof and moth proof, 3. Firm, durable and corrosion resistant, 4. Fashionable and beautiful, recyclable.

modern leisure lounge chair