Furniture export orders tripled! Analysis of domestic furniture industry in 2020

- Dec 14, 2020-


According to CCTV, affected by the second outbreak of the overseas epidemic, overseas "housing economy" is on the stage, furniture products demand is increasing, furniture manufacturers are shutting down, and furniture from China is being snapped up overseas. Since the third quarter, China's foreign trade exports accelerated to recover, and the booming degree of export orders of furniture industry exceeded market expectations. According to industry insiders, furniture industry chain is ushering in an unprecedented round of market, orders surge, raw materials in short supply. Feng Xiaohe, the manager of furniture enterprise, has deep feeling to the hot market. Feng Xiaohe's work is very busy every day. On the one hand, he opens up new production lines, on the other hand, he urgently recruits people. Feng Xiaohe said that the company's production capacity has been unable to keep up with the growth rate of orders, and export orders are scheduled to March next year. According to data from Alibaba international station, since the third quarter, the turnover of furniture industry has increased by 191% year-on-year, and the number of payment orders has increased by 112%. The popular export products are mainly sofa, bed, office desk and chair, dining table and chair, children's bed, etc. Among them, during the purchase festival in September, the trade volume of furniture industry increased by 224% year-on-year, and the number of payment orders increased by 212%.

According to CITIC, furniture retail continues to recover, and the verification of the third quarter report is basically oriented to the upward trend. The fourth quarter is the peak season for traditional household consumption. It is recommended to pay attention to Opel home, Zhibang home, gold kitchen cabinet, Sofia, Qumei home, etc. The software pattern has been further optimized. Since June, home furnishing exports have been increasing rapidly. It is recommended that gujia home furnishing, Minhua holdings and dream Lily are recommended. The epidemic situation catalyzes the demand of home office, and Yongyi and Henglin are recommended. The performance of home B end is still high and certain. We recommend Jianlang hardware, Jiangshan oupai, Daya holy elephant, seagull housekeeper, Dior home, Mona Lisa, etc.