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- Mar 16, 2021-

In the past, as a Nordic 100 year coating enterprise with a high reputation in the world, Jotun issued a 2021 popular color forecast report. In 2021, popular colors, Jotun emphasized "rediscovery", aiming to keep the old and new and to revive the color. It offers a series of four new palettes, combined with the rich color archive in Jotun, to select the 2021 popular colors. A series of colors and palette released by Jotun not only bring many color inspiration for home color matching, but also reflect the spiritual pursuit of the present people.


Warm atmosphere and country color

The first theme of the color watch is inspired by the world, from simple red to warm orange. These warm and simple tones seem to remind people that the world is so big, we must go to see and explore its beauty.

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The color of the earth is linked to the landscape and culture around the world.

Clay and stone, sand and soil are essential materials for the building and the city; and Jotun is inspired by the material itself, showing the most primitive and simple gentle power of the space with the color of the material itself.

2 (2)

The neutral color camp creates the beauty of harmony

The second theme highlights neutral tones. In a world marked by change, it is necessary to be clear and calm. By simplifying the interior design of the house, Jotun sets off the harmonious feeling of neutral tone, which symbolizes deep and calm, which is suitable for use in the study and work place, and enables people to think clearly and orderly in a comfortable and warm atmosphere.Color will have a great influence on the atmosphere of the room, and the advantage of neutral color is that they have good flexibility, can effectively add the room color of the active atmosphere, soothe the anxious thoughts.

Soft blue and eternal contrast

The third color is to blend the classic Nordic tone with the eternal theme perfectly. This tone evokes the imagination of peace, the vast sky, and the deep sea. The sky and the ocean are fascinating; the thought turns to unknown and infinite, which makes people feel the tranquility of the original coastal landscape or the distant horizon. This color is low-key and connotative, it can be used as secondary color to set off other colors, but at the same time, it attracts people's eyes.

1 (3)

Soft and dreamy colors

The fourth color is composed of soft but relatively bright colors, suitable for those who dare to explore and test their own lives.

This tone can be used as neutral or accent. Match with various indoor scenes according to different requirements of space.

Luckilyall this can be achieved on plastic furniture with high plasticity. Nordic plastic furniture can satisfy any color you want.


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