How does Nordic style create a warm and pure style?

- Jan 31, 2021-


"What attracts you most in the world?"


"At home, when I'm with my family."


This passage comes from the ordinary conversation of Nordic people, like a ray of warm sunshine guiding us home.

Time never frozen

Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland and Greenland are all Nordic countries. Facing the alternation of seasons, darkness and light in the cold north, they have formed a unique way of life. They think that things continue rather than be replaced. This idea becomes an art in life and exists in everyone's heart.


Let it flow naturally

Endless spread of forests, distant green and gray, covered by snow, snow still can see the water blue glacier, time is always inadvertently revealed in these natural things.

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Ice and snow

In the harsh winter and long night, Nordic people don't often live outdoors. They paint their homes with rich colors and display trustworthy items to make their homes bright and warm. Choose to assemble the furniture, make the furniture become the warm company of daily existence, and create a perfect day. Using the least loss of materials to process, retain the most original characteristics of materials, with simple colors and raw materials to create the subtle meaning of Nordic style.


Nordic style of every kind of furniture and nature are closely linked, in the hard and soft to find comfort and fun. Find creative inspiration in the forest, apply suitable materials to interior decoration, retain the texture of trees, and create a vibrant indoor atmosphere.

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Light and shadow

Northern Europe is surrounded by quiet dark night all the year round. Sometimes there are blue-green storm like polar night, and then it goes into silence. Light is mysterious and transparent to Nordic people. The aurora blooming in the night sky has become the design inspiration and created charming light. It captures people's Association and vision of the space age, and the changes of the cold and warm levels of the sphere delicately complete the embrace of light.


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