How much do you know about Nordic style?

- Feb 24, 2021-

Nordic style is famous for its simplicity, which has influenced the later styles of minimalism, minimalism and postmodernism. In the surging wave of "industrial design" in the 20th century, the simplicity of Nordic style was pushed to the extreme. Clean and smooth lines and elaborate layout are the soul of Nordic style, and refuse the disorderly space.

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Nordic furniture has been low-key in the Chinese market, but in the past two years, with the rise of 80, 90 and 00 after becoming the main consumer group, Nordic furniture has shown an explosive momentum. So what do you need to know when choosing furniture?

From the product point of view, Nordic furniture pursues the simplicity and purity of materials, and likes to be made of oak, walnut and Fraxinus mandshurica.

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From the point of view of product technology, Nordic furniture pursues the texture and color of wood itself, does not overemphasize the effect of painting, but hopes to achieve the natural color and expressiveness of wood.

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From the product design point of view, Nordic furniture design follows the natural sense of fluency, often using curves to show the elegance and artistic sense of wood, also often using geometric design elements to express the love for a better life, happy to show the life full of childlike fun.

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From the perspective of development history, Nordic furniture mainly refers to the four Nordic countries, namely Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. The lifestyles of these countries are basically the same. The four Nordic countries are located near the Arctic Circle, with long winter and long night, and similar household atmosphere. Because of the characteristics of climate, people tend to communicate at home, so people pay more attention to the concept of "home" than people in other countries, and study "home atmosphere" more thoroughly than people in other countries. So Nordic countries from the residential, interior, furniture, furnishings and home furnishings design are permeated with human touch. Its furniture is solid and comfortable, and attaches great importance to the design of residential and interior products. The handicraft technology and high aesthetic standard handed down from generation to generation make designers, craftsmen and furniture companies cooperate closely. They attach importance to the overall effect and local details, resulting in the Nordic design style which is popular all over the world.


From the perspective of atmosphere performance, Nordic furniture pays more attention to relaxation, advocates a delicate and simple humanistic care, likes black and white and gray in color, and uses asceticism to create a warm and peaceful life. At the same time, it pays more attention to the expressiveness of furniture itself and the artistic beauty released by a single product. The language of nature, comfort and wood is its characteristic. It conveys a kind of true love for life, and makes the family a pure land to release pressure and liberate the soul.

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From the perspective of market performance and development, Nordic furniture began to boom after nearly 20 years of silence in the Chinese market. At present, more than 80% of all kinds of furniture exhibitions will be labeled as Nordic furniture.

With the rise of the young generation and the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, spiritual needs and humanistic care are more important in the furniture industry, which is also a pursuit of quality life and the return of furniture value itself. When choosing to buy customized furniture, we must understand many aspects. At present, the household industry has done better in jonkins, pinzun craftsman, Shangpin home furnishing and so on. You can search the relevant information on the Internet, hoping to help you.


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