How to buy comfortable office furniture

- Jan 01, 2020-

1. Smell: Except for all solid wood furniture, most of the wooden furniture sold on the market now has wood-based panel components. Therefore, it is particularly important to smell the smell when buying. If it makes people shed tears and sneeze, it means that the formaldehyde emission of furniture is relatively high, there may be problems, do not buy.

2. Look at the report: Consumers ask the dealer for a quality inspection report to see if the formaldehyde emission of the furniture is within the range allowed by the standard. The national standard "Limits of harmful substances in wood furniture for interior decoration and decoration materials" stipulates that the formaldehyde emission in wood furniture should not be greater than 1.5 mg per liter. If the formaldehyde in wood furniture purchased exceeds the standard, do not buy it. Only boards that meet the e1 standard can be harmless to the human body.


3. Ask the price: Most of the wooden furniture with excessive formaldehyde uses cheap artificial boards, so the price of the whole set of wooden furniture is often "ultra-low". Due to the large amount of inferior glue used in cheap man-made boards, the formaldehyde emissions have been seriously exceeded.

4. Sign the contract: The customer signs the "Furniture Sales Contract" when purchasing furniture, and writes environmental protection clauses into the contract.

5. Invoicing: Nowadays, a lot of consumers take away white slips and receipts due to the temptation of low prices from dealers. When there are quality problems to complain, such informal invoices are often difficult to serve as invoices. Evidence, therefore, the dealer must issue a formal invoice to buy furniture.