How to classify the quality of office furniture materials

- Dec 30, 2019-

Office furniture can be divided into: solid wood office furniture, panel office furniture, software office furniture, rattan office furniture, bamboo office furniture, metal office furniture, steel wood office furniture, and other material combinations such as glass, marble, ceramics, inorganic minerals, and fiber Fabric, resin, etc.

1. Solid wood office furniture: It is made of raw materials and processed by sanding and painting. Exquisite materials and durable.

2. Plate-type office furniture: plate forming, stable performance, not easy to deform, convenient processing and transportation.

3. Software office furniture: Software furniture mainly refers to furniture mainly made of sponge and fabric.

4, rattan office furniture: lightweight and generous, those densely intertwined rattan is simple and refreshing.

5, metal office furniture: more individual style, rich color choices, diversified varieties, with folding function, quite beautiful, and cheap.

6. Steel-wood office furniture: Simple geometric structure, simple steel-wood combination and simple color expression, expressing the simple style of steel-wood furniture.

7, glass office furniture: crystal clear, fresh and bright characteristics and very popular.

8. Marble office furniture: The surface is shiny and moist, the texture is gentle and graceful, the pattern and texture are beautiful, and it has the advantages of not being afraid of dirt and hot, and it is deeply loved by consumers.

9, ceramic office furniture: Ceramic materials generally have higher hardness, but poor plasticity. In addition to the use of food utensils and decoration, it also plays an important role in the development of science and technology

10. Inorganic minerals: mainly gypsum, which can be made into complex shapes after being made into powder, with high strength and hardness, and lighter than stone metal.

11, fiber fabric furniture: health, environmental protection performance, while not lacking in functionality.

12. Resin furniture: It is made of agate resin, crystal resin and other materials. It can be made of imitation ceramic, imitation marble, imitation gold, imitation silver, imitation copper, imitation wood, imitation crystal, imitation glass, imitation jade, etc. , Realistic texture, low price, very popular with consumers.