How to create a Bohemian Nordic space?

- Mar 15, 2021-

The way to create a new land.

Like all great blends, the Bohemian Scandinavian design style makes full use of two Aesthetics - the simple beauty of Scandinavians and the Bohemian preference for bold and free spirit - and skillfully integrates them into a simple and pleasant unfinished interior decoration. But it may be because of the inherent similarity (rather than the contrast) of the two styles that they work so well together.

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Like the design style of the middle of this century, Scandinavian design is also characterized by simple lines and functionality, but Scandinavian style adopts the method of "unrestrained life", with the colder climate of northern Europe and the desire to integrate with nature. Although Bohemian style design focuses on global eclecticism and bold colors and patterns, it is opposite in appearance, but it also has inclusiveness, comfort and love for nature.

Scandinavian Bohemian design style is a combination of minimalism and unrestrained design principles. Think of neutral walls, hand-made decorations, bold patterns, luxurious textures, and medieval modern furniture with clear lines.

To find a balance between recreation and structure, please follow the following 11 design techniques and create your own Bohemian Nordic space.


Master wall color

White and neutral colors are the basis of bright, calm and light Scandinavian aesthetics. Black, Dark Indigo, pink brown and gray green are all high contrast and high impact Bohemian colors. In order to reflect these two styles, keep the color of the wall neutral, reduce the strong tone to the focus of furniture and decoration, just like this relaxed, dark pink living area does.


Common with nature

By introducing furniture similar to biological and organic shapes, tall trees, potted plants with colorful containers and fresh branches, the close connection between Boho Scandi style and nature is demonstrated. In this nature inspired restaurant, flowering branches are simply placed in a tall organic vase, which is a typical Scandinavian style, bringing energetic colors and energetic sculpture elements.


Building comfort

Creating a calm and comfortable Bohemian environment has a lot to do with one's life style. Hygge creates an emotional state, while home in Bohemia and Scandinavia means livable, relaxed and happy. Deliberately create a space with material enjoyment, such as a reading corner with comfortable chairs, or a big dining table where family and guests can sit together.


Towards organic

Scandinavians decorate with organic, eco conscious furniture because they promote sustainability and integrate with the natural world. Collect retro, natural, hand carved works with rustic style, visible brushwork and slight irregularity (they are also consistent with Bohemian style), and put them in the most prominent position, just like the bathroom above.


Choose bronze furniture

Scandinavians attach great importance to durable high-quality bronze furniture, such as the worn-out Mid Century sofa seen above. It also has a bold Bohemian style. Other similar objects, such as low sofa bed, movable edge tea table or sewing leather cushion stool.


Practice lagom

Scandinavians follow the design concept of "lagom", which means "enough, enough, enough, just right". Here, clutter is eradicated, and moderation is the key, such as this reduced kitchen / dining area. In a tidy space, you can better appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of all your items.


Concentrated collection

Resist the urge to hang every painting and trinket on the walls and shelves. Instead, streamline your collection - as you do on this neat mantel - by choosing only the best, high-quality items, and sticking to items of similar style, such as framed art (Scandinavian tradition is old family photos), or specific types of items, such as abstract landscapes. Similarly, "soft" elements, such as the combination of "textiles" and "hand woven baskets", make the Scandi Boho style space feel more hierarchical.


Choose sculpture lighting

Without ethereal, biomorphic sculptural lighting, Scandinavian Bohemian style houses would not be complete. Organic colors of metal, fabric and paper are recommended, such as the akari 10A floor lamp designed by Isamu Noguchi (above), which quietly blends into the corner of this melancholy blue living area.


Generation depth

The Scandinavian Bohemian style interior creates movement and depth through touchable textures and rich patterns. In the whole space, the more different textures and materials, the deeper and more popular it becomes. That is to say, even the single tone will be lifelike after adding tassels, embroidery and fluffy textiles.



Naturally, candles and fireplaces have become essential functional items in Scandinavia, as the days shorten from autumn to winter. Norway even uses a word to describe the satisfaction of the warmth of indoor fire: peiskos. No fireplace? Candlelight is the next best choice, keep a small bunch of stout columnar candles, thin taper and all day light.


Mess up the bed

The cold weather in northern Europe has brought about layers of bedding - wooden bedrooms give a sense of "unfinished" design - and bohemian ideology allows you to use patterns (complex flowers, Paisley patterns) and earth colors such as moss green, denim, indigo, brown and yellow at will.

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