How to maintain chairs of various materials

- Dec 13, 2020-

1. For rattan leisure chair, water and detergent are good cleaning products. Because the rattan material is more comfortable, and the quality of the rattan is not very large, the rope is easier to bear its quality, and its service life will be longer. Therefore, when cleaning the hanging chair, we should use water and detergent. After cleaning, we should air dry it. For the part that can not be cleaned, we should oil it with paint, and remember not to remove the upper part, because it is on Uneven surface material may be the cause of accidents, as for the metal part of the vacuum machine, suck out the dust above, and then wipe it with dry cloth.


2. For the leisure chair made of plastic, detergent is essential. When using the chair at home, we often transfer the oil to the chair. If it is a plastic chair, it is not easy to clean the oil with water. We should use detergent to clean it, and then clean it with water. This effect is better.


3. For wooden leisure chairs, water and paint are good helpers. Generally, we don't recommend using detergent to clean the leisure chair, because once the detergent touches the wooden object, the detergent will enter into the wood, and we will feel sticky when we sit on it. If there is water on it, the detergent inside will combine with the water, and soap will bubble out on the surface of the wood. Originally, we want to clean it, but it will dirty it. For some stains that can't be cleaned in any case, we should paint a layer of paint on the suspected ones, and make them younger after cleaning.