How to realize Nordic style decoration

- Mar 25, 2021-

In Nordic furniture, the idea of style as life is everywhere. Practical function, rigorous structure, simple temperament, considerate and elegant chic, it is born with a natural charm into every family. In design, if you don't use carving and decoration, you can't find the shadow of vulgarity.

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1. Nordic furniture is generally considered as the most humane modern furniture. They are very concerned about what kind of chair people sit in and don't feel tired. Nordic people combine the sense of art with practicality, which is called practical art. Form, function, material, color, durability and cost are harmonious and balanced.


2. The Nordic style furniture design is a combination of art and practice, which forms a more comfortable and human design style. The first feeling of northern Europe may be colder, but the deeper you understand it, the more attractive you will find it. For example, although the lamps and lanterns in the room are mostly black and white, they are simple but fashionable, which inadvertently increases the sense of design for the space.


Every piece of furniture is simple, for example, the chair is designed with the simplest design style, simple back and cushion. There's no sponge filling on the chair, it's just wood. It's like a solid wood chair. But the chairs in Nordic homes need to be painted. Decorate the chair with different colors. This kind of painting effect is also better.


3. The dining table, generally we see is rectangular, Nordic style will design the dining table into different shapes, you can splice. In this way, it can be adjusted according to the demand.


4. Nordic simple fabric sofa, solid wood fabric sofa, get rid of the traditional design mode, according to the current needs of people, condense new home vitality, design the sofa cloth cover that can be removed and washed at will, greatly improve the cleaning strength; among them, the filling of high-density sponge and the use of high-quality cotton and hemp materials can ensure the softness and permeability, while comfortable rebound, even in summer Sitting will not be stuffy, with high-quality ash wood frame, durable and not shaking.

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Nordic style house decoration is fresh, bright, simple, full of fairy tale romantic color, decoration everywhere reflects the Nordic life taste and Nordic style elements, the above is to introduce you to the Nordic style decoration knowledge, hope that the owners who are interested in Nordic style decoration can understand.


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