Identify environmentally friendly office furniture

- Dec 28, 2019-

1. A copy of the inspection report must be stamped with the official seal

The inspection report of office furniture products is an indispensable condition for entering the market. Generally, office furniture manufacturers use copies when selling, but those without the red stamp of the inspection agency are invalid; for inspection reports of inspection agencies in other provinces, it depends on whether the inspection is commissioned or supervised. When entrusted inspection, the inspection agency is only responsible for the samples sent, and the credibility is small. The supervisory inspection report is the result of random sampling inspection of the same batch of products produced and sold by the quality supervision department, and has certain authority. At present, most of the counterfeit inspection reports have altered marks, and those without official inspection seals or inspection agency seals are fake reports. In addition, the validity period of the test report is six months, and the inspection report beyond the time limit will lose its authenticity.

2. Office furniture product logo E1 level can be directly decorated indoors

To see the quality of office furniture products, we must first look at the product identification, which includes grades, tree species, implementation standards, specifications, product names, brand certification, formaldehyde emission indicators, and so on. The index of formaldehyde emission is divided into E1 and E2. Generally, E1 grade can be directly used for interior decoration. E2 grade decoration materials must be "decorated" (using veneer, decorative paper and other veneers to form decoration materials) or "painted" (painted or oiled). It can be used indoors only if it reaches the E1 level.

3. The more detailed the implementation of standard labeling, the higher the integrity

Seeing the implementation standards, it is best to choose office furniture with national standards. Consumers should clearly see the product name, specifications, tree species, certification, and environmental requirements on the packaging when buying. These are usually ignored by consumers. Experts believe that the more detailed the office furniture brand, the more honest it is.