In the post epidemic era, how do household enterprises innovate and win the new track?

- Mar 12, 2021-

The year 2021, full of hope and turning the world around, has arrived, and the majority of home furnishing people are striding forward to the New Year! Home furnishing China has one disaster after another. Covid-19, however, the past 2020 is the most difficult year for most Chinese furniture makers since the reform and opening up. Originally, people at home had already faced tremendous labor pains of transformation and upgrading. They encountered the severe attack of the new crown epidemic in early 2020.



A small number of large and well-known home furnishing enterprises with strength are expanding. They are a good opportunity to "plunder the territory, seize the mountain top and make a large-scale acquisition". Their battle for the market is always going on quietly, because this kind of battle makes people feel bloody, and the winner can't bear to let the loser know his cruelty. How to sum up the past difficult year 2020 and look forward to 2021, which is full of more uncertainties? Maybe some people are ready to take precautions, but more people are hesitating and asking themselves: where is the way? How to innovate and win the new track?

Some experts in the industry have put forward the view that customization has been "reduced". Many furniture people can't wait to learn how to do the whole decoration before they fully understand the true meaning of customization. The era of furniture or home furnishing industry is faster than ever. In the past few years, many furniture business owners thought that if they changed the name of the company from furniture to home, they would successfully complete the transformation and transition from a single furniture product to a large home. In fact, this is far from reaching the "primary level" of a large home.

Looking back at the great changes in 2020, there are too many key words, such as negative growth, live broadcasting with goods, changes in senior executives, Yanban, Gaoding, whole decoration, quality consumption, light luxury, real estate giants entering the home furnishing industry through hardcover, Internet tycoons entering the home furnishing industry indirectly, digital transformation and channel sinking of large home furnishing circulation enterprises, etc. In the future, it may not be the housekeepers who are really robbing the home furnishing industry, but the external forces. For example, the forces that are increasingly destroying the consumption market of instant noodles come from the Internet enterprises such as meituan and hungry.

The Savior of furniture people will never be born. Only furniture people themselves are their saviors. Only by innovating and not sticking to the old ideas and methods of the past can we find a glimmer of hope and a way out. It's like a person falling into the surging river. In the past, the speed of the river was only 10 kilometers per hour. People who can't swim can be rescued by grasping a small tree. However, the environment has changed. The speed of the river has reached 120 kilometers per hour. Do you still want to rely on a small tree in the river to save yourself? Maybe that tree even has been washed to pieces, can it become a person's life-saving tree? Change, everything is changing, change is the eternal truth. Everything can be changed, but the original intention of striving forward cannot be changed.

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