Is there anything particular about the placement of office furniture?

- Dec 27, 2019-

1. Back door for office furniture

It is also very bad to place office furniture in the back door, and it is the most taboo in Feng Shui. Everyone knows that the door is the main way for the office to receive outdoor air, and it is also the place for everyone to enter the office. If the office furniture is placed here, it will make the workers unrelied behind, and there will be bad emotions. Bring it in and make it not work better. If the office furniture is placed on the back door for a long time, the staff inside will be in a subconscious state of tension, preventing them from working quietly.

2. No backing for office furniture

When the office furniture is placed, there must be a backing behind everyone sitting. This is conducive to the career of the staff and allows everyone to have a better working state. There is also a seat as close to the wall as possible, which will make everyone's "backer" relatively stable. From the perspective of feng shui, after the general office furniture is placed, an item that can be used as a backing will be placed behind the work table, which also follows the principle of "mountain and water embrace" that everyone often says.

3. Office furniture is placed by the window

When you place your work table, you must be careful not to lean on the window, because the window is the entrance of air in and out. From the perspective of feng shui, it will absorb the anger and evil spirits outside the window, which will bring bad mood to the staff and is not conducive to office . If the office furniture is placed next to the aisle window, there is still more certainty, such as the noise of footsteps and noise from the outside, which will affect everyone's work. What's more, some confidential documents may be stolen from the window by others.

4. Size of work table for office furniture

The size of the work table is also very important for the placement of office furniture and occupies a very important position. In the placement of office furniture, if the size of the selected work table is too small or too large, it will make the entire office look uncoordinated; if the work table is too small, it will not show the temperament of the user; if it is too large, the entire office will appear Very crowded. So everyone should choose the right work table size, preferably based on the entire office space.