Less is more, simple and natural

- Mar 23, 2021-

Before introducing Nordic style, I want to ask you a question. What is your intention to choose decoration style? The biggest idea is to create a corner away from the noise of the world temporarily, quietly digest the emotions, comfortable and cured place in the busy and busy city. In return, Nordic style refers to the art design style (mainly refers to interior design and industrial product design) of northern European countries Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. It is concise, natural and its main tone, simple modeling, exquisite workmanship and environmental protection.


The Nordic style features these:


1. Use solid and neutral colors for matching colors.

The northern European style color collocation, more use pure color for large-area bedding, and use neutral color for soft transition, that is, use black and white gray to create strong effect, at the same time use solid color furniture and neutral soft clothing to break the expansion of space, create a simple and quiet atmosphere, the overall design seems casual, in fact, can always achieve a comfortable effect.


2. Furniture with simple and plain colors

Nordic style home furniture mainly focuses on practicality and nature, light furniture texture, high comfort, simple and natural modeling, and home style focuses on function, with strong humanistic characteristics, emphasizing the combination of simple structure and comfort.


3. Simple layout and decoration

Simple spatial layout is an important feature of Nordic style. Because the house type in northern Europe is not large before, the home layout must not be too heavy, so the idea of simple home decoration is still preserved to today. Nordic style decoration is mainly simple, almost no gorgeous decoration can be seen. More common is the very modern, smooth and simple line design, but it does not mean that there is no sense of existence, simple but not simple.


4. Design concept

Nordic style focuses on the combination of human and nature, and pays attention to green development, and is committed to sustainable development. The design of blank space is also another proud design of Nordic style. The decoration style is not deliberately not publicized, and there is no repeated decoration, and the space will not appear in the white space, and everything is so relaxed and natural.


Advantages and disadvantages of Nordic style:


1. Advantages: economical and practical, Nordic style light decoration heavy decoration, so in hard clothes will not invest too much, but also simple and comfortable, it is very suitable for the limited capital to choose. Modern people live in a fast pace, Nordic style decoration overall color simple and elegant, home collocation to comfort, nature based, can create a home to think of GeYou paralysis comfort atmosphere, can purify the mood. And Nordic style is very suitable for small family type, because there are many small house types, and it is also the mainstream decoration style that young people like.


2. Disadvantages: not suitable for large family type, and older people do not like this type of decoration style.


Nordic style decoration color is single, large area uses light color and neutral color, which is easy to form aesthetic fatigue for a long time, which will be boring.


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