New Nordic style, the next popular is it

- Mar 28, 2021-

Combining with the current consumer demand, designers try to eliminate the stereotype of Nordic style by integrating popular elements and styles on the basis of Nordic style.


Earlier, when it comes to Nordic style, we may associate it with "little fresh", elegant wood color, bright white and light gray, presenting a light and bright home space as a whole.

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Today's New Nordic style pays more attention to the sense of texture and design of furniture, and more attention to the sense of texture and color level of furniture.


Many furniture company are typical New Nordic style brand. They focus on "New Scandinavian design", combining the application of new materials and new technologies, as well as a variety of bold and distinctive color matching, to show us the New Nordic style.


They like to use natural materials very much, and in their product series, they begin to think about sustainable design, and introduce environmental protection materials such as environmental protection dyes and recycled cloth.


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