Nordic furniture market in the next five years

- Feb 06, 2021-

In the smart home market with a scale of 100 billion, the natural Nordic trend will remain the mainstream in the next five years.



When you wake up in the morning, the light in the bedroom will wake you up like sunrise; when you have dinner, the light above the dining table will soften from bright; when you start to work, the lighting products that meet the quality standard of "comfort light" will provide comfortable light source; when you lie on the sofa and watch a movie, the light will be dimmed automatically to synchronize with the movie light and shadow. As long as a remote voice, the lighting in the room can be adjusted to the most appropriate light according to the requirements, waiting for you to return home.

This kind of smart home lighting system, which is popular in Europe and America, is only a sign of the arrival of the era of smart home.

From smart speakers, smart TVs, smart door locks to automatic garbage charging robots, the word "smart" has entered modern life in an all-round way. According to the data of British consulting company, the global smart home market will reach US $155 billion by 2023. Among them, "security and control" and "energy and lighting" have become the first choice of smart home.

"Smart home is not a trend, but a trend. This trend can't stop. " Lin Shaohong, general manager of consumer lighting products in Greater China and emerging markets of Philips Lighting digital products division, found that if a person wants to realize smart home, the first three things he preferred must be smart lamps. The Philips show series is the world's first home intelligent products.

What changes have taken place in consumers' requirements for home decoration? What kind of life style do the post-90s and post-90s expect? What are the trends of young consumers' home style in China's first and second tier cities? This is what Lin Shaohong wants to know when the era of smart home comes.

Philips Lighting design team conducted in-depth research in China's first and second tier cities, and released "2020-2021 home lighting and home decoration style guide" on August 28, giving their answers: at present and even in the next five years, the new Chinese style and luxury style are not the mainstream of home style; young people are more comfortable and natural, and the corresponding home decoration style is condensed in "simple, light luxury, light luxury" Nordic, natural "four key words.

100 billion market of smart home

With the gradual popularization of smart phones and smart cars, Lin Shaohong believes that people in the future will increasingly accept smart home. The application scope of intelligence in the family will be more and more extensive.

Haier, Gree and Midea, the giants of traditional home furnishing industry, entered the field of smart home as early as a few years ago. Haier's smart home business unit u-home, Midea's m-smart cloud platform, and "Gree +" app's intelligent control of all products conform to the trend of smart home industry. Midea's m-smart system, which was launched in 2014, is expected to expand to black TV, entertainment, robotics, medical and health, etc.

"With the upgrading of consumption, the intelligent process of home furnishing in the future will extend from a single product to the whole house and the whole living space." Lin Shaohong believes that China's lighting market has gradually completed the transformation to LED, with the emergence of big data and Internet of things, the development and popularization of smart home will be a natural trend.

According to the white paper on China's smart home development in 2019, China's smart home market will reach nearly 500 billion yuan in 2019. Under the development trend of artificial intelligence and Internet of things technology, it is predicted that China's intelligent lighting market will exceed 40 billion yuan by 2022.

Just smart switch, mobile app or voice control, has been unable to meet people's demand for smart home products. In the future, consumers' personalized needs will continue to upgrade. As far as intelligent lighting is concerned, the customization of lighting brightness, color temperature and color in different scenes in the past will gradually extend to the pursuit of health, environmental protection and sustainability. People care more about whether intelligent lighting can achieve safety, energy saving, comfort and efficiency.

The potential of smart home market is huge, which attracts Internet companies such as Alibaba, Huawei, Tencent, Baidu and so on.

In terms of technology, Philips, founded in 1891, has the largest number of lighting and lighting control patents in the industry, of which about 90% are related to LED and intelligent interconnected lighting. As early as three years ago, Philips cooperated with Xiaomi eco chain company to build 30 smart lamps. In November last year, Philips and tmall spirit jointly developed an intelligent voice control system, and also cooperated deeply with Baidu on Philips intelligent Wi Fi LED series products.

"Basically, tmall, Baidu and Xiaomi have occupied 90% of the market share in the field of home intelligent control." Lin Shaohong said that globally, Philips cooperates with Google, apple and Amazon, which occupy more than 90% of the global home intelligent control market. In the field of smart home, Philips, as an open platform, has established an ecosystem with the world's leading Internet giants. "All the big players of smart hardware and software you know are partners of this ecosystem."

He takes Philips show smart home lighting system as an example. The series covers bulbs, ribbons, lamps and controllers. It has been connected with more than 750 third-party applications around the world, and is the first to innovate the application mode of home lighting in the world.

With the development of Internet and technology, the global intelligent lighting industry will usher in a period of rapid development, and consumers' acceptance of smart home lighting system is accelerating. According to Lin Shaohong, Philips will sell more than 2 billion LED products by 2020.

The post-90s pursue not to be vulgar

"The younger generation's requirements for home decoration have changed a lot compared with the previous generation. What they need when they get home is a lazy and comfortable feeling." Wu Shichang, Asia Pacific Design Director of Philips Lighting global design center, found that young people not only improve their aesthetic standards, but also pursue comfort, freedom and nature.

When they summed up the four key words "simplicity, light luxury, northern Europe and nature" that will lead the Chinese young generation's home style in the next five years, they actually have a deeper insight into the lifestyle of young people.

"With the younger generation playing a decision-making role in the process of home decoration, they not only pay attention to the brand, but also pay attention to whether the appearance of the product conforms to their aesthetic preferences, and some consumers will also pay attention to the" black technology "behind the product. These are the changes of consumers' demands in recent years." Lin Shaohong concluded that intelligent lighting needs to take into account not only "black technology", but also young people's pursuit of artistic aesthetics.

Wu Shichang explained the grafting of "black technology" and "art" in the release of Yue series Zhihe led ceiling lamps. Zhihe uses Oriental lotus leaf shape, silver or gold color matching and irregular decorative art stripes to create a light luxury texture. The dual drive technology of this ceiling lamp and its unique "lighting recipe" make the lamp surface like a palette. The six modules formed by warm light and white light can be matched at will to create scene modes such as relaxation, night light and concentration.

"It means that you can choose and define the light efficiency of your home more intelligently. In the current market, there is no product that can make such a highly personalized light formula." Wu Shichang believes that this kind of products will be favored by the post-90s and post-90s, and it is the aesthetic trend of the new generation of consumers to be interesting and not vulgar.

When investigating the style of home decoration, a friend asked Lin Shaohong that Nordic style has been popular in China for more than ten years, and has become a veritable online fashion. With the change of aesthetics, will the new Chinese style surpass Nordic style and form a new trend?

"We didn't find out." Lin Shaohong said frankly that from now on and even in the next five years, many people will continue to like the Nordic style, which represents naturalism.

"There are nearly 700000 overseas students in China every year. When they return home, they will bring more mainstream foreign home style." Lin Shaohong found that quite a lot of young Chinese like western style and pursue simple, modern and luxurious home. Although new Chinese style is popular in northern cities and third tier cities, young families in first and second tier cities prefer practical, simple, elegant and fashionable aesthetics. They pay more attention to the details of home decoration, such as materials, lines and colors, and pursue a clean and natural home environment.

Wu Shichang believes that lighting is the art of light, and even better reflects the feeling of home than interior style. But most people will choose their favorite interior style first, and then choose the lighting style. In this sense, the choice of lighting style is often in a subordinate position.

These lighting designers need to observe and study the style and trend of home decoration every year, and use different materials, colors, textures and appearances to meet the needs of different groups of people. Wu Shichang said that before the design, they usually need to understand the functional requirements of the space, have in-depth discussions with the lighting engineer team, and set various lighting parameters, so as to balance and realize the functionality, artistry and decoration of the "light" of the space. "We are not only designers of lamps, but also designers of light."


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