Nordic home--young people's preference

- Feb 28, 2021-

This is the real Nordic style, no wonder young people are so partial, unable to speak of home experience.Modern young people, no longer like the boastful home style, comfortable naturally become the goal of young people.Nordic style, the overall simple, but low-key not luxury, but also very personality fashion, let people live more comfortable and natural.


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Living room furniture

Simple TV cabinet, white cabinet door inlaid with gold lines, it is particularly elegant.

Sofa, tea table and background wall are decorated with golden lines, with a trace of luxury in low profile.

Dining room furniture

The dining table and chair also continue the decoration design of the living room, using gold line decoration, especially beautiful.

The sideboard of the whole wall provides a powerful storage space for tableware. The embedded wine cabinet is placed in the corner, which not only provides a reasonable space, but also meets the needs of people.

Master bedroom furniture

The top of the wardrobe, open design, so that favorite clothes, orderly presented in front, more convenient to take.

The dressing table is placed beside the bed, which is beautiful and practical.

Children's room furniture

The desk combination cabinet beside the bed, the space above the increased storage, in addition to the placement of books, can also be a collection of hand-made display rack.

The wardrobe on the whole wall can not only store clothes, but also put toys and trinkets in it, which provides favorable conditions for the cleanliness of the bedroom.

Study furniture

The bookcase on the whole wall, with its open design, looks disorderly, but gives people a sense of fullness.

Double desk and chair, convenient for many people to use, and love to work together to read, what a pleasant life.

Kitchen furniture

The integrated cabinet and practical intelligent bowl and chopsticks storage function make cooking more intelligent.

To the top of the cabinet, but also for the kitchen to provide a strong storage space, creating a clean and flawless environment for cooking.

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