Nordic office furniture

- Mar 05, 2021-

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Indeed, after the epidemic, many people realized the importance of the saying that the body is the capital of the revolution, and began to really pay attention to being good to themselves. The Nordic style furniture, with its ideal life style, simple and elegant style and elegant artistic appearance, has captured the hearts of a large number of modern literary youth.

Do not forget the original intention, return to nature

Color matching is a distinctive feature of Nordic style, which always gives people a comfortable feeling. Nordic style space places great emphasis on color proportion. The background color is 60%, the main color is 30%, and the embellishment color is 10%. This is the most conservative and error free collocation.

Background color background color refers to the color of walls and roofs. Due to the geographical location of northern Europe, winter is long and the sunlight is less. Therefore, white (with strong light emission ability) has become the most iconic color of northern European wind. Of course, gray or some neutral colors with low saturation can also be selected.

If you want to design a Nordic style office with the main body color, you can't do without the log color floor. In Nordic life, log color floor is almost versatile products, and a variety of walls can match. Furniture is usually white as the keynote, with gray, log color (furniture feet) and other main colors, the whole space tends to light color system, there is a quiet and clear feeling.

Embellishment color embellishment color is commonly used in pillow, carpet and small furniture, mainly to break the monotony of space, play a "finishing touch" role.

How to choose Nordic style office furniture?

Nordic style office furniture style to look the more simple the better, the more simple furniture, the more need to be carefully considered by the designer, not only to consider the beauty but also to think of practicality, style without a trace of cumbersome decoration, and sometimes play out some fun.

Nordic style office furniture is mainly made of solid wood, including iron, cloth and marble. The comfortable Nordic furniture can not only make you feel the aesthetics of life, but also give full play to the flavor of nature.

Color in the choice of furniture color, to light color, such as white, beige, gray, light wood color, and then use candy color as embellishment; or directly to black and white, do not add other colors.

Design is for a better life, and life is not only in front of us, but also facing the sea and blooming in spring. The pursuit of natural scenery, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Nordic wind is your best choice.

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