Nordic style furniture: simple is light

- Feb 04, 2021-

Nordic style furniture: simple is light

简介:Simple and light Nordic style furniture adds a touch of humanistic care to our life.

From the popularity of the Internet and the evolution trend of home furnishings, we can see that young people in the new era love the Nordic style. Simple and light Nordic style furniture adds a touch of humanistic care to our life.



Nordic style does not pursue flashy and complicated details, but in the functional and practical aspects, let us truly experience the quiet , simple and rational life interest, let's know a few Nordic style furniture!

Leather down sofa

For sofas, which is more important, functional or ornamental? This is a difficult question to answer, but after a day's hard work, it's really a precious enjoyment to have a soft and warm sofa at home to let us sweep away our physical and mental fatigue.

The down sofa made of cow hide is soft and skin friendly, tough and durable. The humanized design can make our body wrapped firmly by down. The simple dark tone improves the texture and style of the whole room.

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Leather double bed

Dreams and nightmares, often only a bed distance, a simple atmosphere, abandon flashy design of the bed, can bring us a quiet and peaceful sleep experience in countless nights, for our life to bring vigorous vitality. Simplicity and simplicity depend on meticulous ingenuity. The solid wood frame made of Larix gmelinii imported from Russia pays equal attention to lightness and firmness. The gold stainless steel wire drawing base is light, luxurious and elegant. It is also very convenient to remove, wash and clean. It is solid, practical and ornamental.


Creative Chandelier

Beauty is regardless of weather, whether day or night, should have a unique beauty, especially at night, in the atmosphere created by lighting, simple and low-key decorative style can also become warm.

Therefore, a chandelier plays an important role in the construction of our indoor atmosphere. Under the warm and soft lighting, all kinds of troubles can be forgotten, so that we can enjoy the leisurely and unique private space.

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