Nordic style furniture with high quality products will have a future

- Mar 12, 2021-

Furniture industry as the oldest traditional industry, the speed of product upgrading is not slow, almost one or two years will be popular a new product, or even shorter time.



Nordic style furniture has become a market trend for quite a long time, but it really began to be popular all over the country, starting from 2014 and 2015, only four or five years ago. Although Nordic style furniture has not been popular in the market for several years, it still has a large market space and many fans, which proves that its product market has strong vitality. Nordic style furniture generally adopts log color design, with unique modeling, simplicity and fashion, reflecting the unique home culture of Nordic countries, which has been sought after by countless young consumers. This brings strong market demand, causing numerous furniture manufacturers have launched Nordic style furniture, all want to get a share of the market. In the fierce competitive market environment, in order to seize the market, some manufacturers do not hesitate to use inferior raw materials and rough production technology products, blindly low price, with the intention of using price war to defeat competitors. But these manufacturers did not become the real winners. Many brands were abandoned by the market and disappeared. It is these low-cost products that make a lot of consumers distrust Nordic style furniture, so that the whole market environment deteriorates, and Nordic style furniture is gradually marginalized.

This kind of industry situation has caused some enterprises to reflect, and personality master is one of them. With high quality Nordic style furniture as the tenet, the personality master insists on using white wax wood and Dabao water-based paint imported from North America, plus many years of solid wood furniture production experience, so that the products can reach the first-class level in terms of materials, technology and quality, and can significantly improve a level compared with ordinary Nordic style furniture. All good products must stand the test of the market. As the saying goes, "real gold is not afraid of fire", only when the market is willing to pay for it is a really good product. In the 37th Dongguan famous furniture exhibition in 2019, the personality master made amazing achievements when he made his first appearance. He signed nearly 30 franchised stores, which attracted wide attention in the industry. According to the person in charge of marketing of personality master, the reason why we can achieve such remarkable results lies in the advantages of personality master products and down-to-earth marketing strategy, which enables dealers to generate trust. Personality masters do not play all kinds of flashy marketing routines. They focus on the product itself. At the same time, they start from the place that dealers care most about. They give targeted support policies on how to maximize the cost of opening stores and sustainable business development, which are praised and affirmed by dealers.

It is understood that personality masters will continue to participate in the 38th Dongguan famous furniture exhibition in July 2019, and will participate in hall 3. This will not only show the outside world their confidence, but also show the personality master's full confidence in the bright future of the market. In today's increasingly diversified furniture market channels, personality masters are not only vigorously exploring traditional dealer channels, but also keeping in touch with home furnishing design companies and package companies to lay a more solid foundation for enterprise development and product market share growth. Personality master marketing director said, Nordic style furniture today, if you repeat the past low value, low price, low quality approach, absolutely impossible to succeed. Only by making products that make consumers really satisfied and speaking with quality, can enterprises have a future. Personality master will make unremitting efforts on the road of high quality Nordic style furniture.

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