Nordic style home design: do not forget the original intention, return to nature!

- Feb 06, 2021-

Nordic style refers to the interior design style of Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland.Because these five countries are close to the Arctic, cold climate and rich in forest resources, they have formed a unique modern, practical and simple art design style of advocating logs. Nordic style represents a kind of fashion aesthetic returning to nature.



Nordic style is regarded as the style of ideal life by many young people. It is simple and elegant, simple and natural. It is mainly functional and has high artistic value. It can be said that it is a sharp weapon to capture modern literature and youth.

Today, we will walk into the Nordic style and the artistic home design of young people.

Do not forget the original intention, return to nature

Nordic style appearance with logs, simple modeling, wood tenon structure, no more decoration, tone contrast soft. If you want to show the Nordic style, you need to leave a lot of white, grasp the relationship between black, white and gray, and then match it with fabric sofa, several pieces of furniture or flooring in log color.


In the choice of home color, light color is given priority to, such as beige, white, light wood color, etc. Most often white as the main tone, the use of bright pure color for embellishment, or black and white as the main tone, do not add any other color.

This kind of space makes people feel clean and clear, without any sense of disorder. In addition, white, black, brown, gray and light blue are often used in Nordic style decoration.

The top, wall and floor of the room should also be naturally integrated with the furniture. Light decoration does not even need patterns, but only lines and color patches.

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In terms of furniture design, it emphasizes function and convenience. Post industrial aesthetics is the overall pursuit of Nordic furniture. The common point is simple, direct, functional and close to nature, reflecting the quiet Nordic style.

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Enjoy nature, embrace nature

Nordic style design seems to be inadvertent with everything as natural as dazzling. The light color, the clean fresh feeling, lets the family space be able to cool down thoroughly.

Design is for a better life, Nordic style, do not forget the original intention, return to nature. If you don't want to be disturbed by vulgarity and pursue natural, fashionable, quiet and fresh home atmosphere, Nordic style is your best choice.


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