Nordic style sofa: love the difference in life, more love the romance in details

- Feb 02, 2021-

In all household products, sofa as an important corner of the living room occupies the visual center position, demand differentiation contributes to the colorful state of sofa style. Among them, the Nordic style sofa high-end atmosphere, elegant and unique characteristics, and pay attention to the quality of life of the consumer concept fit, in the market is more popular.



European style sofa pieces are romantic: Baroque style complex carving patterns, Rococo style gentle lines, neoclassical style exquisite texture technology Different styles represent a kind of life taste. In contrast, the color matching of Nordic style sofa is simple and more elegant, which highlights its outstanding quality in life. Although we have different interpretations of sofa, it is hard to escape the same aesthetic. In order to cater to the current aesthetic changes, the prince's home, which is a first-line brand, creates a unique northern European style sofa with the whole house service.


Arto series: exquisite from the inside out

Different from the straight lines of traditional Chinese sofas, the Nordic style sofas of the prince's home are quite fluid and dynamic. They decorate the home with exquisite details and reveal the European style. Aitu series sofas appear in a nude color, inheriting the classic aesthetic and abandoning the miscellaneous. The cotton and hemp texture of the fabric alone is enough to make people move; the overall shape of the sofa is beautiful, with European style patterns scattered and matched, and the internal details show the natural beauty.

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Aitu series of Nordic style sofa from large outline to small details, with high-end fabric technology to make the shape more elegant and structure more reliable. Considering the different stress points of sitting, lying and lying posture, the sofa back adopts high back design, and the brand-new sponge seat bag made of three different density sponges makes the sitting feeling flexible and strong, with high comfort, so that it can accept all the emotions of caring you.


Lohmann series: soft and romantic

Apart from the European style aitu series, the prince's home also has a simple design to win the Loman series, which is different from the traditional European style commonly used carving and gold painting process. This Nordic style sofa has a simple and generous shape, smooth overall outline, heavy shape, personality, and simple design. Modular combination can be split at will, bringing more possibilities for home space.

When building the soft Nordic style sofa, the sandwich structure of "all solid wood inner frame + high-strength spring + bandage" is used in the interior to ensure more uniform force and stronger resilience; the imported three proofing fabric is used in the outer layer to make the hand feel smooth, the luster is soft and pleasing to the eye, the inner skin is breathable, and the home life is more pleasant. The carefully selected original ecological solid wood frame is solid and durable, and the unique wash free process makes life easier and dirt resistant. Loman series shows sincerity in details, quality control in the whole, and French romance everywhere.

Nordic style sofa, as the first choice to provide comfortable support for homecoming, is characterized by different shapes and colors. It has classic classic beauty, modern fashion sense, fresh idyllic style and so on. Prince home, create more surprises for life.


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