Nordic style vase add new meaning to life

- Feb 03, 2021-

What awakens you every day? Is it a pile of laundry saved yesterday? It's nine in the morning and six in the evening all day? Or are you looking forward to a new day? In fact, in addition to the boring and programmed oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea, there are daily and daily small surprises: whether it's a good thing or a Nordic vase that brings enjoyment~


Style 1: the most popular "medicine bottle" vase in the online shop

As we all know, the biggest feature of Nordic furniture is simplicity, nature and humanization. To adapt to this, the small vase, which is one of the Nordic soft decoration collocations, of course, also has these characteristics. "Medicine bottle" vase is one of the best. The first time it saw the sale in the shopping mall, it felt like a "big medicine bottle" and a reagent bottle in the laboratory. But it was such a simple and cool design that it could blend with the Nordic style home without violating the feeling. With the "dried flowers" with high cost performance, the light and relaxed home design perfectly reflected the simplicity and nature advocated by the Nordic style . In addition to the "big medicine bottle", you can also choose the same type of more simple "water cup" vase and the special glass vase with more sense of design.

plastic armrest chair

Style 2: the most unexpected "metal" vase

In the Nordic vase search, the most amazing one is this metal vase. The dazzling luster of metal itself often makes people feel that it is too "luxurious" and not suitable for "Nordic style", but in fact, the strong texture of metal can give the slightly monotonous Nordic furniture a magical neutralizing ability, making the overall home environment have a temperament improvement. If you can't accept too bright all metal or home style without pure Europeanization, then this kind of metal frame vase is also a good alternative. In addition, there are carbon frame vases or "composite" vases with metal frame in the upper part and simple ceramics in the lower part.

Nordic Creative dining Chair

Style 3: a ceramic vase that can't be bought wrong

If you mention vases, if you don't introduce the most traditional ceramic vases, you won't be able to become a complete collection of vases in northern Europe. In fact, we have to believe that the spread of classics must have its meaning behind. The most common ceramic vase, with its mellow texture in line with the traditional public aesthetic, is a kind of aesthetic enjoyment no matter where it is placed. Although they are all traditional shapes, different colors will bring different feelings: Morandi colored vases will have a sense of calm atmosphere; while color will give people a sense of cheerfulness and liveliness.

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Style 4: the most casual Nordic "vase"

To use the concept of simplicity, nature and humanization to the extreme is the "cloth bag" vase introduced below: it seems that the cloth bag is placed at random, but in fact, there is a mystery. Using the most common shopping bags as vases can be said to be the acme of Nordic style. But such a unique "vase" is more suitable for less space at home~

If you want to pursue the feeling of integration with nature, you'd better try this kind of "sack" vase below. It's a perfect match to highlight nature in the pure Nordic home environment. I don't know if you have found your favorite vase after reading so many Nordic vases? The process of life poetry, no longer envy others, in fact, you can!

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