Office furniture selection coup

- Dec 27, 2019-

1. Too much focus on low prices

It is okay to buy good quality office furniture at low prices, but this is almost impossible for most buyers. Because the price of a product is often related to its cost, in order to not lose money, the manufacturer can only reduce the production cost, and the results can be imagined. Low-priced office furniture usually has many unknown hidden dangers. When buying and installing it, there will always be a lot of strange troubles.

2. Too much emphasis on brand

The quality of the office furniture of the big brands is certainly good. It is true that the brand was valued, but a very important issue that many buyers ignore is that the products of the big brands are expensive. If you buy them in small quantities, it is OK. , That price will make you heartache for a long time, so you have to do your best. Most of the brand-name office furniture is imported products. Compared with domestic high-quality office furniture, the price is often two or three times more expensive. Buying such office furniture is not cost-effective for most companies, and there are only a few large powerful companies. Don't care.

3, care too much about the scale of the production company

Is there a correlation between the size of the manufacturing company and the quality of office furniture? This is hard to say. Perhaps the product quality of most small-scale manufacturers is really bad, but it ca n’t be generalized. There are still many small-scale manufacturers. For the long-term development, the quality of office furniture produced may not be worse than that of large brands. .

4. Buy spot or fast delivery products

If you want to buy good office furniture, you can start customizing it when the office decoration project is halfway. If you wait until the office is almost finished before you rush to buy it, you can usually only buy products that are delivered quickly or in stock. However, the production cycle of middle and high-end products is generally not too fast, so most of the inferior products must be purchased; the quality of the spot is also inferior, and lacks cultural value and personalization, which cannot satisfy high-level companies.

5. Buy products from Furniture City

Buying office furniture is not a trivial matter. There are many styles in the furniture city, but there are few fine products. If a knowledgeable person visits the furniture city, he can see that there is almost no high-grade office furniture in the furniture city. We must know that the essence of the furniture city is a shopping mall, which is the same as the clothing city, shoe city, and electrical appliance city, but with different themes. Therefore, the furniture city cannot provide professional services at all.