Plastic furniture you don't know

- Mar 20, 2021-

I believe many people don't know why there is a "hole" in the middle of the plastic stool? What is this hole for? In fact, it hides three "little secrets"! It's not for farting. Today, let's talk about the four magical functions of the round hole in the middle of the plastic stool. Let's get to know it with me!

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Magic one: convenient manufacturing and transportation

Plastic stools are produced in batches with molds in factories. With this small hole, it is not only convenient to separate them from molds. And this small hole is also convenient for us to carry and transport. For example, when we take more than one stool, we can use a rope to pass through the middle, so that we can carry it well. And when we hold the stool with one hand, we usually poke it into the hole with one hand to carry it.


Magical use 2: convenient and breathable

The stool will be uncomfortable after sitting for a long time, and the buttocks will feel hot. Moreover, making a hole in the stool can make it convenient for ventilation. Even after sitting for a long time, it can also give off heat and ventilation, so the design of this small hole also works.


Trick 3: prevent cracking

When we sit on the plastic stool, the plastic will stretch out, which looks very unstable. There is a round hole in the middle to prevent the stool from cracking, disperse some forces, and make the stool have a better sense of balance. Of course, if the hole is too large, it will not work.


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