Points to note when purchasing office furniture

- Jan 01, 2020-

One of the considerations for office furniture procurement:

Too much emphasis on low price value is closely related to price and capital. Too low-priced furniture generally has low cost and poor quality, and its appearance and planning are generally poor, and there is no civilization value. Everyone who has experienced acquisitions knows that if you buy a product that is too low, you will usually have many unforeseen hidden dangers, resulting in many problems after purchase, which is regrettable. For most companies, a gap of 10-20% is not a big problem.

Office furniture procurement precautions two:

Buying a brand is generally not a fault, but you have to buy as much as you can. Branded furniture (especially imported furniture) is still a lot more expensive than ordinary domestic furniture, ranging from 50-100% and as much as 200-300%. . The cost of implementing brand furniture brand is still to pay a lot of real money; besides how good the brand is after all, it is only in the details that some professionals can differentiate. In fact, strictly speaking, branding is not equal to planning. Brand companies have good planners, which does not mean that each planner is excellent, let alone that each case is excellent in planning. The author is a professional planner. I have repeatedly seen poor planning by brand companies, and even violated the basic principles of planning, common sense faults such as color use errors, and spending more does not equal good planning.

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Office furniture purchase notice three:

Too much emphasis on enterprise planning can only clarify that the production capacity is large, but it cannot clarify that the quality is high and the level of planning is high. In a sense, planning and individualization and civilized values are still antithetical. Italian furniture is famous all over the world, but the planning of Italian furniture companies is not big. Many well-known companies only need dozens of people, but the Italian family is famous for planning, not planning. On the other hand, low-level product manufacturers often plan very large, which is more common in Zhongshan and Shunde. What customers want to buy are quality and service (including planning), which has nothing to do with corporate planning.

Note 4 for office furniture procurement:

Buying fast-moving products and buying spot Many customers lack experience and don't consider the production cycle of middle-high products. They don't buy until the office is almost finished. Now the opportunity has been missed. Products, buy spot. Such products are generally low-grade products, lacking personalization and civilization value, and even poor quality, and generally cannot satisfy the needs of high-level customers.