The Beauty of Nordic style

- Mar 08, 2021-

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Boconcept, a furniture brand from Denmark, is one of the most successful furniture chain brands in the world. The first store was established in Paris, France in 1993, and now has more than 400 stores and studios in more than 30 countries around the world. Stores all over the world, including London, Paris, Copenhagen, New York, Tokyo, Berlin, Beijing, Shanghai, Madrid and other major cities, and are located in the bustling area of the city.



Nordic style, gathered in the kingdom of design - Denmark's most talented designers, they use inexhaustible inspiration, extraordinary design concept, so that every Nordic style furniture can lead the world furniture trend, but also show personal taste. There are nearly 20 product series under the brand, and provide a large number of different finishes, design styles, colors, etc., so that you can freely combine and match at the same time, create a home that reflects your unique personality.

The board of Nordic style furniture is made of beech wood from European plantation. The surface of the furniture is veneered with solid wood, which keeps the original grain of different tree species. The texture originated from nature can be compared with the surface of imitation wood grain such as plastic or sticker. Through the advanced UV reinforcement process, 7 layers of varnish are attached to the surface of furniture, which makes it have special corrosion resistance and wear resistance, not easy to be eroded by water stains or stains, and easy to clean and maintain. The seamless solid wood edge sealing keeps the overall perfection of the furniture. The glass parts are treated with high strength and safety, and the surface is screen printed. Once again, the quality and appearance are perfectly unified. High quality metal parts, including frictionless invisible automatic closing guide, free positioning hinge, adjustable foot and other functional accessories, maintain the multi-function and high-quality characteristics of furniture. It is a model of humanized products. The test values of guide and hinge are more than 100000 times.

Enthusiasm and concentration are our driving force, whether it is to design a combination cabinet, to lead a team, or to manage a franchise store. Our common mission is to provide modern design furniture for consumers with urban life concept.

Nordic style to provide a coordinated, reasonable price can be tailored to the design of furniture and accessories. Customized is because our products can meet the needs and dreams of customers. Coordination is because our product line is developed and designed as a whole. The reason why we call it furniture design is that we have our own designers and design companies. The price is reasonable because we give customers more value.

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we aslo have our own molding manfuctuer (,so it is ok for us to develop some new styles together.