The combination of Nordic furniture design concept and Taoist Aesthetics

- Jan 23, 2021-

When Nordic furniture first met the world at Paris Expo in 1900, it caused a sensation in the design field with modern and human exhibits. The uniqueness of Nordic furniture design is mainly reflected in the concept of design for the daily life of the public, the idea of democratic design, the belief of humanistic functionalism, and the attitude of inheriting and developing their own excellent national craft tradition in the face of external influence. All these will give rich and profound enlightenment to the development of Chinese contemporary furniture design in the new domestic and international environment.


"The most beautiful" and "the United States". This kind of infinite beauty exists in "wordless", "silent", "invisible", "tasteless" and "joyless". Lao Tzu's "great sound is hard to hear. The great form has no shape." The highest music can't be heard, the biggest image can't be seen, "Tao" is grand and invisible. "The great form has no shape." the most fundamental rule of things is invisible and imperceptible. This just shows the characteristics of all highly successful artistic creation: on the one hand, all the masterpieces of artists are created by artists; on the other hand, they appear to be naturally generated everywhere. There is no trace of artificial creation. It seems that they can not be created by human beings. Therefore, the Nordic furniture design reveals the warm human care inspired by nature. For example, boyerson explores the natural nature of products through design, so that material products can be more actively integrated into human life and close to human spirit.

Inspired by nature, Nordic furniture designers use animal and plant modeling for reference in their design to refine it into abstract geometric form and stylized form. These forms come from nature, but they are higher than nature, injecting eternal beauty into design. For example, Wigner's peacock chair, dietzer's butterfly chair, Jacobson's ant chair and egg chair, etc. Nordic furniture design embodies the idea of "nature" as beauty from beginning to end, which is one of the most attractive reasons for its design. This is similar to the beauty of nature advocated by Laozi more than 2000 years ago.


The core category of Taoist aesthetics is "Tao", which is not only the highest philosophical category, moral category, but also the highest aesthetic category. A series of Taoist ideas about the essence of beauty and its manifestation are derived from the core category of "Tao". "Tao" has the infinity of transcending all the concepts of name and appearance, so the aesthetics of Taoist school takes "nothingness" as the beauty; "Tao" takes "nature" and "unconsciousness" as the characteristics, so the aesthetics of Taoist school takes "nature" as the beauty; "Tao" is gentle, calm and humble, so the aesthetics of Taoist school takes "lightness" as the beauty. All of these have similarities with Nordic furniture design concept.

The idea of "nothing" as beauty has a far-reaching influence and a long history. Since the Wei and Jin Dynasties, it has become an aesthetic pursuit in people's life practice and artistic creation. In the design art, the Taoist thought of taking "nothing" as beauty does not remove all the forms, sounds, names and tastes, but contains infinite and profound connotations with limited forms, sounds, names and tastes, so as to obtain great aesthetic enjoyment. They also emphasize the far-reaching, unrestrained and beautiful meaning of design works of art. Nordic designers believe that the design of the product is alive, is able to feel the pulse of blood and heart, so its "line must smile.". They hope that through the material product design can arouse people's infinite yearning and pursuit for a better life. Undoubtedly, this is related to the emphasis of Taoism.


Taking "light" as the beauty, Nordic design does not simply emphasize the visual beauty in form, more importantly, it pays attention to the comfort and sustenance of people's soul, and pays attention to the implicitness of design works, so as to obtain the poetic reputation of functionalism. For example, the "Chinese chair" designed by Wigner of Denmark according to the Ming and Qing Dynasty armchair profoundly reflects this point. It takes the solid wood as the frame, connects the back board made of solid wood with the armrest as a whole, forming a sound and dynamic line, and the transition is even and moderate. The four solid wood chair legs firmly connect the overall back armrest with the seat surface. The shape is elegant and quiet, reflecting the concise and bright style of Chinese Ming style furniture.


Northern Europe's geographical location is very special, with a long winter, climate contrast. However, the natural environment with dense forests and vast waters provides them with rich resources. So Nordic furniture designers not only draw inspiration from the beautiful nature, but also know how to effectively use this natural resource. Alto's design tries to blend the inhumane technology with the nature close to human nature. "Nature is our inexhaustible source. We are deeply impressed by the simplicity and simplicity of Nordic furniture design. The concept of democracy makes Nordic designers strive to improve the quality of public daily life, which makes Nordic furniture design plain and abundant. The so-called "nothing" as beauty means that the "Tao" characterized by "nothing" has infinite beauty, so it is a rich and simple style feature of "great beauty".


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