The development of Nordic design style

- Mar 27, 2021-

The development of Nordic design style


Nordic design style focuses on the combination of man and nature, society and environment. Nordic style is famous for its simplicity, and it has influenced the later "Minimalism" and "post-modern" styles. At present, the minimalism of Nordic style has reached the acme, which is usually reflected in the interior walls, floors and at most, and is distinguished by lines and color blocks. Today we will talk about Nordic design style.


In the 1920s, the design theme of mass service decided that Nordic style design was popular all over the world. Functionalism flourished in the Stockholm exposition in 1930, marking its breakthrough in Scandinavia and its connection with the world.


Nordic style combines the German concept of advocating practical functions with its local traditional crafts, and its humanized design makes it famous in the world. It gradually formed a unique style in the 1940s. The typical characteristics of Nordic design are advocating nature and respecting traditional technology. For example, domestic Qumei home is also a representative of excellent Nordic design, and the essence of Nordic design can be seen everywhere in its products.

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The rapid development of Nordic economy in the mid-20th century made Nordic people have a high welfare system. But the Nordic people still attach importance to the practicality of products, and the simple and natural aesthetic is still inherited. Nordic residential culture and design concepts are deeply affected. Therefore, even in the industrial age, the Nordic product design still retains the elements of humanistic care that focus on the physical and mental health of users. Tradition and fashion innovation are used incisively and vividly by Nordic designers. At the same time, Nordic design does not lack the concern for the minority. For example, to eliminate the inconvenience of disabled people in life, design convenient human design for them, and realize social justice. They all reflect the Nordic style design of people's comprehensive concern.


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