The difference between Nordic style and Italian style

- Jan 30, 2021-


There are several different modern minimalist styles in the world. Italy, Germany and Northern Europe are the most important modern minimalist furniture design and manufacturing regions in the world. Among them, the most simple is the minimalist style of northern Europe, the most industrialized is the German style, and the Italian modern style highlights the fashion in simplicity. So what's the difference between Nordic style furniture and modern style?

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In general, modern style, it is basically based on wallpaper as decorative surface materials, combined with oil mixing woodworking practices. This style emphasizes the harmony of proportion and color. People begin to color the upper part of a wall with the ceiling, while the wall uses a kind of wallpaper with light texture. The whole style is very elegant and quiet, without a trace of impetuosity.

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Nordic style emerged in the 1990s. A large number of decorative magazines in Taiwan and Hong Kong on the market have opened people's eyes. Previously unimaginable decorative techniques such as small garden, cultural stone decorative wall and rain flower stone have appeared in real design. Especially after we get used to the decoration phenomenon of "yellow decoration all over the country" caused by the extensive use of red beech, getting close to nature and returning to nature has become one of the goals pursued by people, bringing people a lot of decoration concepts.

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With the rapid development of society, the pace of people's life is faster and faster, and the pressure is also increasing. Many people begin to seek a spiritual place where they can place their souls after busy work. This is a kind of return, return to nature, return to simplicity, return to flexibility, return to body and mind. The simple Nordic style and the fashionable Italian style are the mainstream styles that young people like most at present. But there are differences between them.


The simple northern European style of those who pursue simplicity is more suitable for those who pursue simple life and pay attention to cost performance. This style should be more popular in the Asian country of Japan. The fashionable and avant-garde Italian style is more suitable for the urban elites who pursue high-quality life and dislike the complexity. The elites of China's post-80s-90s should prefer it.

From the current furniture market consumption point of view, simple Nordic furniture is relatively cost-effective, but in design and style, Italian simple style furniture is better, but the price is also relatively expensive. Of course, if users have higher requirements for home quality and hope that the price will not be too expensive, they can choose some Italian furniture brands with higher cost performance. For example, a furniture brand named "ruidu" with high quality and cost performance in China is very suitable.

Ruidu is a typical Italian furniture brand with simple style. The design of the products also follows the Italian fashion elements, while the workmanship maintains the ultimate pursuit of Italian craft. In terms of marketing, ruidu furniture adopts the direct marketing mode of combination of online and offline, integrating independent research and development, production, packaging and sales, eliminating the price difference of middlemen. So it's really bigger, with high quality and high cost performance.

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