The essence of Nordic style

- Jan 27, 2021-

The reason for the Nordic wind is the high latitude of the Nordic region, where there is no sunshine all the year round, and 2 / 3 of the year is very cold. Coupled with the low population density of Nordic countries, it is easy to make people feel lonely. The mission of Nordic wind is to break this kind of decadent atmosphere and bring people a warm and bright feeling.

Although we don't need photosynthesis, our daily life can't do without light, and it's easy to be depressed if the light is too dark. If you want to cut vegetables and make up in the dark, the effect will not be good

So the question is, how does Nordic wind improve the brightness of a room?

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 Paint the ceiling light to enhance the brightness

Key words: ceiling, white / Mint / cream / Maca Camel

White is definitely the best way to increase the brightness. In winter, the days are very short in Nordic countries, so Nordic houses like to paint white just to increase the brightness. If you don't like white, you can also try mint green, cream white, beige, light coffee and camel. The brightness is not enough. Light colors can make up for it.

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 Give up large dark areas and increase light

Key words: refuse dark color, dark color embellishment

Dark room will make the space heavy, but it's not that it's not good-looking, just the pursuit of bright space, give up dark is necessary, if you have to use dark, fun girl recommends not to brush large dark, a little dark embellishment is also good, the proportion is controlled at about 10%.


 Light color curtain to increase light transmission

Key words: window screen, translucency, light color

If the light in your house is weak, and you install opaque curtains, I think you must be a child who likes the night. If not, please tear off the black curtains and replace them with translucent window screens, preferably light colors.

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 Use wall lamp instead of ceiling lamp to radiate light

Key words: wall lamp, floor lamp, fluorescent bulb

The light should not be concentrated on the top of the head, but should spread around. If the light is weak, the light should be adjusted. The ceiling lamp can not be used. It is better to turn on the wall lamp or the floor lamp. When choosing the light bulb, remember that the brightness of the daylight light bulb is higher than that of the warm white light bulb.


 Place light colored decorations to increase brightness

Key words: broken off, beautiful decoration

Light does not seem to have anything to do with ornaments, but it is the shadow of these small ornaments that casts on the room and reduces the brightness of the room. One ornament may not have much influence, but a bunch of dark ornaments are definitely accomplices to the darkness of the space. Putting bright ornaments can improve the brightness.

4 (2)

 Hang more mirrors to reflect light

Key words: mirror, reflected light

Funny girl only knows that putting a mirror is to make the space bigger. Does it still have the effect of improving the brightness? Yes, the mirror can reflect the light transmitted to the room, which can make the room look brighter, and the light frame effect is better.

 Put away the cables and reduce the darkness

Key words: receiving cable, reducing darkness

When it comes to exposed cables, Qu mei'er's mood will be furious. When there are too many cables and they are entangled together, it will make people feel irritable. But it will not only make people feel emotional, it will also affect the intensity of light and produce a feeling of darkness and disorder. So put away the cables and refuse the chaos and darkness.

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 Install shelf to reduce projection of large furniture

Key words: shelf, reduce projection

It's said that when the space is large, the light will be bright, but it's impossible to broaden the space area. Is it difficult to push the wall for reconstruction? Of course, this is a good way. Xiaomiao wants to say that it can't change the real estate. It can reduce the furniture. The projection of furniture is the killer of weakening the light. Cabinets of all sizes can be removed. You ask me where to put things and put them on the wall. Light color wall mounted shelves are the best.

 Light carpet for better light

Key words: carpet, bright color, light color

Light can also be solved by changing the floor, light wood or bright floor tiles can increase the brightness, but this is undoubtedly a big project, then replace with light carpet, bright carpet can also play a role in improving the brightness.

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 Replace the wooden door with the glass one to let in the sunlight

Key words: glass door, light transmission

Heavy anti-theft doors or wooden doors can also reduce the light. Changing into glass doors with large windows can greatly improve the light and let more sunlight shine in, or paint the doors light color, small, fresh and bright.

Add windows, expand the light

Key words: window, enlarge light

There is no way to increase the window, but it is also the most useful way, because the most direct way to improve the brightness is to expand the light. If you like the brightness, from a long-term perspective, the investment in this project is very worthwhile.

There are so many ways to improve the brightness, we will simply summarize, the most important thing is to rely on these two points.

Absorb light, increase light transmission, let light into the home.

Create light, mainly light color, let furniture produce light.

After watching so many tricks to improve brightness, you must be ready to move, but funny girl has to say one more thing, just one more thing!! If this space only needs to be used during the rest time, and you don't need to do too much reading, reading and other eye activities, then you don't need to adjust the light brightness.0

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