Transformation and upgrading of furniture industry

- Mar 16, 2021-


Speeding up the development of industrial design is an effective way to guide the industrial transformation from basic raw materials and intermediate products to complete machines and end products. Industrial design is an integrated innovation activity that takes industrial products as the main object, integrates and optimizes the function, structure, quality, form, packaging and service of products by comprehensively using scientific and technological achievements and knowledge of engineering, aesthetics, psychology and economics. It is a winning weapon to enhance industrial level, enhance product competitiveness and increase effective supply. It is also a measure of a country and region It is an important symbol of the level of industrial development. First of all, enterprises can increase investment in industrial design, establish an independent industrial design center, develop their own chief designers, and comprehensively improve the design innovation ability. Secondly, enterprises can also outsource design business to professional industrial design institutions, establish long-term and stable cooperative relationship, and speed up product upgrading and brand building. Thirdly, enterprises can cooperate with relevant scientific research institutions to actively develop original new products, realize the transformation of industrial design achievements, and promote the optimization of product appearance, structure and function.

Relying on technological innovation to realize production process and process reengineering

Production process reengineering is an important way for modern enterprises to improve their competitiveness. Production process reengineering is to rearrange the management mode, organizational structure, technical measures and procurement system in the enterprise production process, so that the enterprise can provide high-quality products to the market in the shortest time according to the market demand and at the price acceptable by the market. If enterprises want to adapt to the market and reduce costs, they must ensure the rationalization of production process. One is to adopt the organization mode with process as the core. It is necessary for managers and production workers to face the pressure of cost and market competition and adopt a personalized flexible organizational structure and operation process that can adapt to the sales and procurement market. The second is to use the system point of view to look at the enterprise production process. Production process is an organic combination process of information flow, material flow and energy flow. Through computer integrated manufacturing system, all departments related to processing and manufacturing, purchasing and inventory are connected to reduce cost and processing cycle and improve productivity and product quality. Third, new technical means should be adopted. In order to reduce costs and adapt to market changes, the new production process must adopt new methods and technologies different from the traditional mode, such as flexible manufacturing system and lean production system.

Strengthen brand management and improve management quality

Brand is the most fundamental competitiveness in the global economy. With economic progress and the rapid development of the Internet, product differentiation is weakening, while the level of consumer demand is increasing, and consumption habits are changing. It is difficult for products or services without brands to survive. As a means of enterprise marketing, brand management is one of the elements for enterprises to participate in competition. First, determine the brand management strategy of "strong" stem "and weak" branch ". In the process of brand building, enterprises should determine a main brand as the core and increase investment. After having a leading brand, they can develop other brands to form "Matthew effect". Second, carry out brand communication management and enhance connotation image. The goal of brand management is to realize consumers' in-depth understanding of the brand, establish brand status and promote brand loyalty by clarifying consumers' needs, using advertising, public relations and other promotion means. Therefore, enterprises should spare no effort to establish direct contact with target customers, improve customer loyalty and effectively seize market share. Third, relying on brand management, improve management efficiency. Through the establishment of internal marketing platform, enterprises can integrate sales, production, procurement, human resources and other departments into the brand management framework to carry out work, realize the internal operation standard with brand as the core, promote the implementation of business philosophy and improve management efficiency.

Innovation of business model guided by market demand

Furniture industry is not only a livelihood industry to protect people's basic life, but also a fashion industry to improve and optimize the living environment. Furniture enterprises should make full use of the Internet, big data and other advanced information technology, actively adapt to the characteristics of consumers' personalized and diversified needs, and actively develop "customized furniture". At the same time, with the change of product sales mode, enterprises should constantly upgrade the process of commodity production, circulation and sales, reshape the business structure and ecosystem, deeply integrate online service, offline experience and modern logistics, develop new retail mode, and promote the comprehensive transformation of price consumption to value consumption.


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