Unique life aesthetics in Nordic design

- Jan 27, 2021-

Hans Wegner is the most significant person in Danish furniture design so far. He has created more than 500 chairs in his life and is known as "the chair maker among the chair makers". He has never been constrained by any style, combining wood, design and craftsmanship to produce exquisite works. He personally studies every detail of every piece of furniture, emphasizes all-round design, and believes that "a piece of furniture will never have a back". His handed down works include peacock chair, shell chair, Kennedy chair, Chinese chair, y chair and so on.


Poul Henningsen is the first designer in the world who emphasizes scientific and humanized lighting. As early as the 1920s, he proposed to provide glare free light and create a comfortable atmosphere. His "pH" lighting series, named after his own name pH for short, is not only a typical representative of Scandinavian design style, but also reflects the fundamental principle of art design: the perfect unity of science and technology and art. On the one hand, the design of pH lamp makes all light must pass through more than one reflection to reach the working face, so as to achieve soft. On the other hand, the beautiful and elegant shape of lampshade makes the whole design full of strong artistic atmosphere.


Arne Jacobsen is the first designer to introduce modernist design concept into Denmark. He combines Danish traditional materials with international style and creates a series of outstanding works. He regarded the details of furniture, lamps, doors and windows as important as the overall design and appearance of the building, so as to integrate them in the space. His representative works include egg chair, swan chair, ant chair, No.7 chair, water drop chair, etc., which are all classic furniture works of the 20th century.


Finn Juhl has a very strong design concept and is the first designer to bring Danish contemporary style to the world. He attached great importance to the artistry of design, trying to break through the pattern of emphasizing "design must be concise and use pure geometry" at that time, and advocating "organic form". He designed a large number of leisure furniture, such as tables, chairs, sofas and so on, with sculpture style modeling technique, solid wood as the main frame material and leather application. His representative works include gannet chair, No.45 chair, No.108 chair, etc.


Borge Mogensen is one of the furniture designers of "the most important generation in the world" in Denmark. Together with Hans J. Wegner, Arne Jacobsen and Finn Juhl, Borge Mogensen is known as the four great masters of Denmark. Its design concept is "the simpler the better", which will push furniture design to modernization and civilian. He believes that good furniture should not only be appreciated by a few people, but should be owned by everyone, making it affordable by the efficiency of industrial mass production. His ideas have played an important role in Denmark and even in the world.


Verner Panton breaks the shackles of traditional Nordic crafts and develops imaginative furniture and lighting with bright colors and new materials. One of the most famous is the "s" chair, a one-time molding chair with single material, which has been a symbol of fashion and avant-garde design for decades. This was also the dream of many predecessors, such as the first generation of master Mies and the second generation of master shalinin.


Alvar Aalto is a modern Finnish architect, advocate of humanized architecture theory, and also a design master. He is the father of Finnish design, and has a significant influence on the whole Finnish life aesthetics and design education. In Finland, almost every household has at least one piece of his home design, and the university is named after him. In 1935, he and his wife Aino Aalto co founded Artek, which aims to decorate people's living space with new home furnishing concepts.

Timo Sarpaneva is one of the most famous glass masters in modern Finland, and also the Royal designer of the famous Finnish brand Iittala. Every work he creates, whether it's practical daily necessities or pure works of art, has a simple and clean beauty. "Glass is a material of space, especially suitable for giving light," he said


Eero Aarnio, a famous designer in Finland, has designed many famous products, such as ball chair, hemisphere chair, foam chair and so on. He will always bring people a lot of different ideas, so that later designers can learn and think.


Sigvard Bernadotte is the son of Gustav VI Adolf, king of Sweden. His mother is Princess Margaret, granddaughter of Queen Victoria. He pays attention to the functionality of the product, but also thinks that it can't lose the visual beauty of the appearance. He designed many pure silver utensils for silversmith George Jensen, including Candlestick, kettle, bowl, coffee cup set, cutlery and cutlery. He also worked with Jacob Jensen to help B & o develop radio and other products.

In fact, in the eyes of designers, the beauty of life is reflected in their works all the time. Nordic home designers' unique perception of beauty is also reflected in the furniture.


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