What are the advantages of Nordic modern furniture

- Mar 09, 2021-

Walking in the home shopping mall, you can see that it's full of freshness. Following the pace of young consumers, most of them enter the fresh and beautiful Nordic style modern furniture stores, and ask about the relevant precautions and information about this kind of furniture, while the steady and solid wooden furniture is more of the "home" of the older generation of consumers.

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In recent years, the development of Nordic style modern furniture is "steady and powerful". At the beginning, it was just a "little noise" caused by some consumer groups. Later, it gradually developed into a "consensus of the industry". During this period, the driving force of the market can not be underestimated; The reason is mainly due to the change of the main consumption force. The post-80s / 90s are a group of people who have ideas, personality and do not want to be the same. The label of them is "go your own way" and "play life" is the creed of their life. The free and uninhibited characteristics make them easier to accept the natural and simple Nordic furniture.

In addition to its conspicuous market performance in home shopping malls and "hot discussion" among young consumers, its outstanding performance in the previous Dongguan famous furniture autumn exhibition also verified the authenticity of its "fire". Nordic modern furniture, which is scattered all over the major exhibition halls, has "crushed" the momentum of other styles of furniture in terms of quantity, and the fresh and refined "literary style" has added a lot of color to it. The continuous flow of people has made it "show its fists" and grab the limelight, and it has become the "protagonist" of the whole furniture exhibition.

According to the decoration network, industry insiders revealed that the rise of modern furniture in northern Europe is the general trend. As early as when the custom style was blowing wildly, there was a trace of the strong rise of Nordic style. Although the industry recognized that most of the custom products in the current market are the alternative performance of panel furniture, it is undeniable that the style of the custom furniture as a whole tends to the Nordic style of fresh and natural, simple and generous. And most of the consumers of customized products are young post-80s / 90s, which coincides with the consumption object of Nordic modern furniture.

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