What are the characteristics of common office home

- Jan 03, 2020-

Office furniture features one: diverse shapes, avant-garde design

The diversified shapes of furniture, not only bright and straight lines are still popular, but also fresh designs such as arcs, circles, ovals, petals and so on. These curves are inadvertently playing a role in separating space, conforming to human body structure and curves. They also have a common feature, that is, one-shot molding, with no or few connections between them, in order to save materials and reduce processing steps.

Office furniture features two: practical and comfortable to use

The research and development of furniture designers and manufacturers in countries all over the world are becoming more and more practical. While ensuring beauty and novelty, more attention is paid to the use of functions, and practicality is the number one priority. For example, a large multi-seater sofa is divided into two independent backrests, and the connecting parts can be rotated freely. The backrests can be opposite to each other or connected into a whole; while the shelf for the living room is composed of multiple rules The regular block composition, because of its bright color and considerable thickness, can be used as both an embellishment on the wall and an item.

Office furniture characteristics three: emerging materials join together

The design community is now paying more attention to nature and environmental protection, so there are many articles using natural materials. Some rattan furniture is made with high-tech methods, its design is wonderful and beautiful, it has an oriental atmosphere, and it expresses a high degree of artistic creativity. Some designs combine hemp, bamboo with stainless steel, glass, etc., and strive to make breakthroughs and innovations in the combination of materials. In addition, sponges, textiles, plastics, etc. are also widely used in furniture. These specially treated materials have a soft texture and low cost, making them a good choice for public areas.

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Four characteristics of office furniture: colorful and attractive

Bright bright reds, orange-reds, grass greens, bright yellows, bright purples and other bright shades have appeared on the scene and become popular protagonists this year and in the next few years. Many designers choose a gorgeous color as the main color to design the entire furniture, and use different materials to express different design concepts. In addition, the transparent color is very popular, and it can be seen from the coffee table, bed, computer desk and cabinet. However, the representative colors of minimalism, white, black, and wood color continue to be recognized, and there is still a large and stable market.