What is the style of the office home

- Dec 30, 2019-

The classification of office furniture has different classifications according to style, material, price, function, etc., such as Chinese office furniture, solid wood furniture, office furniture, etc. According to the style of furniture, it can be divided into: modern office furniture, American office furniture, European classical Office furniture, Chinese office furniture.

According to the materials used, office furniture is divided into: solid wood furniture, panel furniture, software furniture, rattan furniture, bamboo furniture metal furniture, steel wood furniture, and other material combinations such as glass, marble, ceramics, inorganic minerals, fiber fabrics, resins, etc. Solid wood furniture: made of raw wood materials, processed by sanding, painting and other processes. The materials are exquisite, durable, and rattan furniture: lightweight and generous, those densely intertwined rattans are simple and refreshing. Metal furniture: with individual style, rich color choices, diverse varieties, folding functions, good value, and good quality and low price. According to the functions of office furniture: office furniture; bedroom desk furniture, study furniture, and auxiliary furniture.