What kind of material does plastic furniture replace.

- Mar 24, 2021-

Some excellent designers have penetrated their avant-garde design concept into the design of plastic furniture, and combined the practical function and aesthetic function of furniture perfectly, which not only presents us with necessities of life, but also works of art with ornamental value.


Plastic furniture represents not only cheap, but unique, elegant taste and new life taste. From the recent years of Milan International Furniture Exhibition, we can feel the return of the trend of plastic furniture, plastic furniture will be in the furniture market of our country.


The growth of any new thing needs a process. In traditional concepts, plastic furniture represents the lowest-end products, which is not worthy of the grand elegance.


In recent years, the investment in infrastructure construction has been increasing, and it also provides a huge demand market for the plastic furniture industry. According to the current market share of plastic furniture, there are about 175million square meters of plastic furniture construction tasks every year. Around low carbon economy, the performance of furniture, including the thermal conductivity of furniture itself and energy saving in the process of furniture production. How much energy is consumed by factory production, including energy saving and efficiency in the process of processing. Energy saving in the process of use, including sealing performance and insulation performance of products. This is a new performance requirement. The second performance requirement is environmental protection, which should emphasize the environmental friendly type and environmental protection; the third is safety. Security includes the safety performance used. For example, fall prevention, anti pinch and electric shock during use. The safety of protection includes the firmness of the closure, the reliability of the opening and closing switch, etc.; the fourth is the convenience performance, the furniture is for people, the function is humanized, the opening convenience and the traffic is normal. Only by ensuring the four performance requirements, can we be a good product.

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