What style of office furniture is popular now

- Jan 02, 2020-

First, open freestyle office furniture is fascinating

Modern urban office space is relatively tight. In addition to the particularity of the office space structure, open and free-style office space can help hard-working white-collar workers to relax in a comfortable working environment while greatly improving their enthusiasm for work. And work efficiency. At the same time, free and open office furniture can give people a feeling of fresh and natural collocation, using limited office space to achieve the great role of office furniture.

Second, the functional integrated office furniture has higher practical value

In a limited work space, functionally integrated office furniture can play a role beyond space constraints. Such as: small-sized multi-functional work tables and chairs, work coffee tables, work screens, file cabinets, etc., can be folded, modified and used to improve the use of space to complete the use of space.

These are more important for the younger generation of working people who are now in the entrepreneurial stage. Multi-functional integrated office furniture will make full use of them, and make up for the shortcomings in this area. It is easy to open when in use, and it is a paving product when it is not in use, which is convenient and saves space.

Scene diagram (1)

Third, technology-oriented office furniture is loved by large enterprises

Regarding technology-based office furniture, it can't be seen in an ordinary company today, but when Xiao Bian was fortunate to visit a Fortune 500 company, a model with a sense of science and technology came into view. Office furniture. These high-tech office furniture can not only bring us unexpected functions, but also give people a new experience.

Fourth, environmentally-friendly office furniture is unique

"Green" has become a quality of office life pursued by modern people. White-collar workers spend more than 8 hours in the office every day. In addition to sleeping, the office is a place where white-collar friends stay longer every day. If the formaldehyde content in the office furniture purchased exceeds the standard, it will not only affect people's health, but Impact on work. With the rise of low-carbon environmental protection, more and more people are paying attention to environmentally-friendly office furniture. In the past, people paid attention to price and product appearance. Nowadays, more and more attention is paid to environmental performance.